Recently we read how Mahaperiyava appeared in the dream of Shri Ganapathy Subramanian(ஆரூரன்) to help  pune Brahmasri Krishnamurthy Sastrigal. Here is a short video interview of both of them.

இன்னவினை இன்னதலத் தின்னபொழு தின்னபடி
இன்னதனால் எய்தும் என அறிந்தே – அன்னவினை
அன்னதலத் தன்னபொழு தன்னபடி அன்னதனால்
பின்னமறக் கூட்டும் பிரான்.

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  1. We were very fortunate to see and get the blessings from Sri.Krishnamurthy Mama on 30 th December 2017 at Kanchi Mutt. Now he is staying in Mutt itself at room no 2 called as “Sankara bhavan ” . Mami is no more.

    Those when they visit Mutt can esquire about Mama in office as “Veda thatha” and see him in Room number 2 where he stays. I would like to thank Sri Sivaraman sir for guiding me on this and we could rush immediately to Kanchi mutt and met Mama and took his blessings.

    Hara Hara sankara Jaya Jaya sankara

  2. Dear Mahesh,

    To just narrate and take guidance from the senior members of this blog. I too had a very brief dream about 5 months back in which Maha Periyavaa appeared. It goes like this. Maha Periyavaa was standing on a big dais and I was watching him passionately with tears rolling down standing below the dais (diagnolly opposite to him). From the left corner of the dais Maha Periyavaa walks across to the right corner, bends forward and drops a piece of camphor (not the square tablets, but poongkarpooram) into my folded hands, the dream stops that way. My little mind is not able to decipher anything out of this dream till this date and also not felt like discussing this with any one so far. However what I have also heard is that if Maha Periyavaa wants to get anything done through dreams, he would reappear to reinforce his wish when the person does not act on his first appearance. But for me the dream did not recur. Hence not able to proceed without understanding it or ignore as well, like any other dream.

    Can any of the Maha Periyavaa’s ardent devotees kindly decode and let me know what Maha Periyavaa wanted to convey me through this dream? Thanks

  3. really moved when mama blessed all of us. MAHA PERIYAVA SARANAM

  4. Very much blessed to listen to Sri. Ganapathi Subramanian and Sri. Krishnamurthy SastrigaL. Very much moved when I heard Sri. Sivaraman asking Sri. SastrigaL to bless all the devotees watching and promptly Sri. SastrigaL invoking Maha Periyava’s Grace and saying that His Blessings will be to all devotees, ever protecting. Please give Sri. Krishnamurthy SastrigaL’s postal address, Veda Bhavanam, it is mentioned in the video near Sri. Ekambaranathar Temple at Kanchipuram. Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  5. very touching. thanks so much for this and other videos that u have been posting; if we are lucky we will try to vist sri Puna sastri in feb in kanchi. hope the madam peole will give us his add; or perhaps u can send me if u have time. sury39@gmail.com suryanarayanan,paris

  6. Very Beautiful and grace filled. Sorry I had a doubt, actually, I didnt get that 3% part. Any number will be x% of any other number. Can someone enlighten me if there is a hidden significance to the 3 percent?

  7. we feel very glad to read the message of Shri Jagadesan (Melbourne),who are very firm in our Anustanam. We Pray God Alighty and our Mahaperiyaval to bless him a lot.One thing is sure and certain,if you are sincere Our Periyava will stand as a polestar to guide you and provide all possible help with out any loss of time.We are all really blessed people to know more about Periyava from the mouth of staunch devotees of HIM.Our Pranams at the feet of Shri Pune Krishnamoorthy Sastrigal.

    • i understand that karaikudi auditor took a vow to offer kaanikai of rs 10000 to mahaperiava 22years and two months back.3% simple interest on 10000 works out to 6650(300 per year and 50 for two months) and so the total amount comes to 16650. this works out to rs 1387 per month for twelve months

  8. Sir
    I saw this holy Pune krishna murthy sastrigal in Hyderabad . He was performing puja for adisankara adistanam of skandagiri.kindly help me his address . I also request to see pic of satanoor krishnamoorhty( spoken by sri Ramadurai) iyyer and sri joshi pic also.
    This is only holy web site keeping me to sustain in abroad. I listen the all holy talks of all people . I get all answers for my Nitya anustanam.
    I observe here , each devotee is unique experience and not comparable with anyone. I found complete answers from sri Ramadurai interview.
    I got many times maha periyal darsan from brindavanam in my swapna stage. Even mahaperiyaval reiterated for me I get eswra siddhi
    Even I’m in Melbourne I never missed my three times anustanam and Japam . Maha periya is with us if we live as per his voice.my sincere namaskarams to the great devotees.
    Through this web site if we can help to maha periyaval devotees those who are in trouble and all people get anugraham of sri mahaperiyaval
    Hara hara sankara jaya jaya sankara


  9. What happened to the Govinda Dikshitar video?

  10. Incredible. How simple and brimming with devotion some people are. They are Always under His shade. Sarveshwara.

  11. parameswara. i am typing this with poor sight. what an embarrasment situation i was placed when i got a sopnam like this some years ago and i could not tell it to proper person and carryout periavas wishes. i have told this to some one who also could not help it. perhaps if what periava told is carried out things would have been differemt fhe mutt now. if i tell it now none will listen as so many tell periavas coming in sopnam and telling etc. only periava should help me. i surrender.

  12. paramanidam ananya charanagathi kondavalai avar eppadi parthukarar enbatharku idhai vida veru prathyakshamey thevai illai.

    • this is thyagarajan from hyderabad. i am the son of late Sri.R.Raghunathan(son of late Rishiyur Sri.Santhanam Iyer,who was with mahaperiava during 1940s). on seeing this video, my mind is going back to the days (during 1980s and 1990s)when this great person was our aathu vadiyar at hyderabad and our close association with him. he is a very simple person and always remembering mahaperiava.this particular event makes us to believe in swapnangal

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