Veda and Gho Samrakshanam

Vanjiyur “Gho Shala” – a model gho-shala

In Deivathin kural , Mahaperiyava lists five places where  Mahalakshmi resides permanently. Cow is one of them(The other four are :வில்வ இலையின் பின் பகுதி, யானையின் மத்தகம் , தாமரைப் பூவின் மையம், சுமங்கலிப் பெண்களின் சீமந்தம்) .  ‘Gho samrakshanam’ was always a project… Read More ›

At the service of Mahaswamigal

MISSION — Septuagenarian Rajalakshmi Vittal wants to rope in all his devotees. GEETHA VENKATRAMANAN wrote this in The Hindu Sep 21, 2012. “These people are building a monument for Mahaperiyava. Can you meet them?” It is either a couple of… Read More ›

Trip updates…..

Hope you haven’t forgotten me, yet! Just got back from south temple run….pretty tiring but extraordinarily a divine trip…..want to write a lot, but wtill do it in pieces…. During this trip, visited 4 patasalas and each one is so… Read More ›