Mahaswamy Thapovanam at Nochiyam

I am sure everyone read this article I posted long back about an upcoming temple/ashramam near Nochiam, near Trichy. This article came in The Hindu and I kind of forgot about this until I got an email from this Smt Rajalakshmi Vittal mami few days back. She introduced herself as a 78 years old lady and showed her interest in talking to me about this. Finally we connected yesterday – spent a long time talking to her and the manager at site.

While talking to them, I was able to understand the absolute bakthi this mami has. She is 78 and mama is 85+ and they have all their children, very well settled. Mami,  in all her life has only one thing to focus – “Mahaperiyava”. Right from 3 AM to midnight, she chants His name and wants to do whatever He asked us to do – veda/gho samrakshanam, ambal worship etc. She started a veda patashala (currently has 4 vidhyarthis), a gho sala with 4 cows and 5 calves and an ambal temple in the construction. Shri Ganapathy Sthapathi’s grandson is the sthapathi for this temple. Even this attempt was already hinted by Mahaswamy much earlier.. After that article came in the The Hindu, several devotees generously contributed to this cause and with that fund, they have built the temple up to the lintel level…They need additional funds to complete this temple. She wants to spread the word the Mahaperiyava devotees and requested me to do this post.  Although the kids are well settled etc, this elderly couple wants to live alone in this village and spend the time under the feet of Mahaswamy and Goddess Akilandeswari, Tiruvanaikka. Her manager told me that mami, ahtough 78, is so active and works as hard as a 25 year old girl – or even better – all the strength given by Mahaperiyava – who else?

I also understand that she had spent a good 6-7 years with Mahaperiyava and traveled in some yatras etc..She narrated a recent experience on how Periyava saved a dying/dead calf and gave life back – simply outstanding…..I am going to request Shivaraman to do an interview with them at the earliest..I am sure she will have wealth of information to share with us.

Given her age, she is very desperate in completing this project in her lifetime. I am astonished with her bakthi while talking to her over phone….I pray Mahaswamy to make this project successful. My request to our readers is to keep this project in mind and do your best in supporting this if possible. I do intend to visit this place in my next trip to India (whenever He calls). Please visit this site for info (

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  1. I know Mami and her son as well as the father and son mentioned in this blog. I am personally involved in the process of they knowing each other.

    I openly offer to the father and son that I am prepared to reimburse the amount which they and others have been cheated, if it is indicated in this blog.

    I take unconditional apology from the noble lady and her son for the unwanted, unethical incidences which have taken place in the process.

    I leave it to “MAHAPERIYAVAA”, who knows all the PARTIES, for the the justice, .


    N.Venkat Ramani,
    Manghalam Estates
    Trichy -1.
    Ph: 099940 66966

  2. this trust and the lady and her son are a big cheat. Never ever pay the money. My father has been cheated his hard earned money. They have made crores by cheating innocent pious sr citizens. I have first hand experience.

    • Your father’s check was mailed the next day they left. You should have received the check. I am sure you do not have the courtesy to call mami and apologize. You should feel ashamed for blaming a noble soul with all unwanted words. Now Periyava will take care of you!

  3. Dear Sri.Mahesh,

    This is Sriram from Bangalore and a native of Thriu Aanaikka, Trichy. We are blessed to have a dharshan of Periyava at Nochiyam on 16th of September. Mami has blessed us and took around the temple which is coming up very fast.

    She wanted to speak to you. Forgive me for sending this Email so late. Please call her at your earliest convenient time.

    Will send the snaps taken at temple over the weekend.

    Regards, Sriram


  5. Amazing to hear about 80year old Mami’s Dedication and Devotion towards Periyava. Will do my bit.
    Hopefully will try to visit in the coming few months.

  6. I visited this Ashramam last week and spent about two hours, witnessing a ‘Go–Puja’ being performed by a family and talking to Rajalakshmi mami.. It was a soul–filling two hours in my life. Mami has a ‘VIGRAHAM’ of Mahaperiava in her pooja room; pooja is performed every day. GO–PUJA’ is a regular and special item here. The atmosphere is so serene, and Divine here , the place being situated between river Kollidam and rivurlet Ubayakaveri., though a few hundred metres only from the Trichy–Bangalore road, there is absolutely no noise here. Mami does not allow anybody without having prasadham, which normally is made up of ‘mixed rice like lemon rice, puliyodharai, thayir saadham etc. Surprisingly, Mami resembles Smt. MS amma, and looks like her younger sister! Mami has very ambitious plans ,such as old-age home, huts for old couples for ‘Vaanaprastha’, in addition to Vedhapatasalai and Go–salai.

    All devotees of Mahaperiava should help and support mami in whatever way they can in this noble cause which will keep ‘KALI PURUSHAN’ away from our Punyaboomi’.

  7. Is it Thottiyum equal to chruvachur or Nochiyam which is correct pl let me know, as I visited Thottiyum which is near musiri. RG Pammal BJP

  8. grateful to you for the information and originators of Nochiyam ashramam for the yeoman services for mahaa periyavaa

  9. We are doing out bit individually and also spreading the word through ‘Brahmana Sabha’ group on facebook (by the blessing of His Holiness Sri Vijayendra Saraswathi Swamyji) @

  10. Thanks for posting this Mr.Mahesh. I sent a mail to you sometimes back after visiting this place.
    contents of which given below.

    Recently I visited my native place (Kulithalai, near Trichy and Karur) to see my parents.
    I heard about this place called Nochiam (an hour drive from my native, towards Trichy via Musiri) where an old lady has taken initiatives to construct a temple for Maha Periyava.
    I read an article in ‘THE HINDU’ couple of months back. So I made it a point to visit
    this place next time when I visit my native.

    I took my old parents to this place on a Sunday (Sivarathri day) and I was really
    amazed looking at the determination and the will power of this lady by name Mrs.Rajalakshmi Vittal, who is close to 80 years old, same age as my mother. We had a warm welcome and she was very kind enough to give us Milk, Payasam and all. She said everything is happening as per Maha Periyavaal’s wish and she is not doing anything. There are plans to construct Garbagrahams/Sannidhis for Vinayakar, Murugar, Lalitha Parameswari (Wtih Sri Chakram embedded in the Murthi), Vyasa Baghavan, Adhi Sankarar and Maha Periyavaal, She has got plans and architecture and the site has a very special significance. It is a DEEPA GARBAM’ meaning it is in the midst of the banks of two rivers (Cauvery and Kollidam). Plans are also there to involve elderly people who can come and stay in the Ashram (called as SHANTHI ASHRAM). A trust has been formed in the name of ‘Sri Jagathguru Kanchi Mamunivar Charitable Trust’. There are plans to introduce schemes recommended by Maha Periyavaal. (Gho Sala, Veda Patasala, Anaadhai Predha Samskaram..). Gho Pooja is already happening every day and also Veda Parayanam. I was a witness to this during my visit and it is unbelievable that such an old lady, leaving all the comforts, especially when her children are in a good position, doing this kind of a noble deed.
    I heard from her that her family members support her in this effort and are not raising any objections to this. .

    I will be visiting this place again sometimes soon and after my visit some of my family members and relatives also went there to do Gho Pooja. I am sure with Mahaperiyava’s blessings to this wonderful lady for such a noble cause, this will be completed soon as per her wish.and I also pray for the same.

    Hari OM. Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara.

  11. very interesting

  12. Went to Nochiam in April 2013. The work is going in full swing.

  13. So happy to read this article. Will visit this couple and do my bit .

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