Trip updates…..

Hope you haven’t forgotten me, yet!

Just got back from south temple run….pretty tiring but extraordinarily a divine trip…..want to write a lot, but wtill do it in pieces….

During this trip, visited 4 patasalas and each one is so unique in their own ways- here are the background::

1.       The one in Sirugumani  has photos of the last day of Soma Yagam – this vaathiyar  does not even go for vaidheekam – just like the good very old days. I was blessed to attend the concluding day of “soma yagam”, a very rare event…in today’s world, there are hardly anyone who is qualified to do such events….I also did Cauvery snanam with great pundits

2.       The one in Togur – Sri Vaishnava Vathiyar – story is most amazing – they are one of the last Jaimini Sama Saakai patasalai. He also does not even go for vaidheekam.  The story about the origins /resurrection of this patasalai reflects another divine  manifestation of Veda Samrakshanam by — who else — Sri Maha Periyava.  There was NO ONE else who knew this particular (Jaimini) saakai of Sama Vedam, but one (Thenkalai)  Sri Vaishanavar.  And he was in loukeekam in Sri Rangam – Sri Maha Periyava tried several times to get him to teach his knowledge to others.  Finally, very reluctantly he agreed – but his boss in the loukeekam job would not allow him to quit the job. So, ksaakshaath Sri Ranganatha Perumal of Sri Rangam Himself appeared in the dream of the boss and asked him to relieve his employee, so the latter could start this Jaimini Sama Veda Patasala.

3.       Ilayathankudi Patasalai is nicely situated, sandwiched between two Shiva Temples and is also the Athishtanam of a Guru in Sri Kanchi Guru Parampara.

4.       Thiruvidaimaruthur Patasalai pictures includes ones which signify Lord Mahalingaswamy Himself confirming to Sri Adi Shankarar that only Advaitham is satyam. I did my Nithya puja here and the kids there helped me a lot….you can’t find a better place to do this…

I also met some of the readers from this group and talked to few, planning to meet some more… is very heart-filling to meet andtalks to these great folks……I definitely have to write about them as well….Will do it later….


Jaya jaya shankara hara hara shankara




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  1. Sir I live near kallanai so equally wanting to support thogur and sirugamanj patashalas on a regular basis. Both are only 30mins drive from my home. Pls pls call me at 9444866594 as soon as possible

    Thank u

  2. Sir I live near kallanai so equally wanting to support thogur and sirugamanj patashalas on a regular basis. Both are only 30mins drive from my home. Pls pls call me at 9444866594 as soon as possible

    Thank u

  3. MAhesh,

    Let me share some details about Illaythangudi. The person to contact is Sri Sundareshwara Iyer. He stays at Pudukottai. His house also houses a VEDA PATASHALA, headed by LAKSHMANA GANAPADIGAL. U can contact Sti Sundareshwara Iyer at 9443430378. He is in charge of administration of both the VEDATA PATASHALA – Puddukotai and Illayathangudi. By the divine grace of the ACharya, i had the opportunity to visit them for the past two years, the ILAYATHANGUDI PERIYAVA ARADHANA.

    While on this subject, it may be interesting to Note, ILAYATHANGUSI PERIYAVA, also known as MAHADEVNDRA SARASWATI (65TH PERIYAVA), WAS BORN ON ANUSHAM. Maha Periyava’s father and ILATHANGUDI PERIYAVA are 1st cousines. The aradhana takes place on PANGUNI AMAVASYA.

  4. Dear Mahesh,Thank you very much for sharing the photos of our great heritage.At Kerala too Namboothiri brahmins used to perform this great Soma Yaga ,Aathirathram yagas,so many forieners assemble there and photograph the entire yegna and at last they spread the fire on the Yagasala too,then immediately rain reach the yagabhoomi and wet the whole aread.This has happend about 15 years back .I still remember the yaga. there bricks are all shaped like a garuda.

  5. Dear Sri Mahesh, It would be better if you write the events name under the photo for the appreciation of the devotees.I you can pls do it and repost the photos.

  6. Mahesh

    Thanks for sharing Divine and Vedic photos of your experience.


  7. great pics and very divine surroundings..tks

  8. Hari Om,
    It is very nice to hear about the trip and about the vaideeks it is nwdays very rare to find the true vaideekas and it is only Gurukripa tha we see some .THe soma yoga anubahava is also very rare and it is very difficult to perform .In those days i hear it was performed with all vaideekas present and the entire village used to particpate. Thanks for sharing the trip with us.Of course i want to contribute to the veda pada sala at ilayathangudi and i will do it shortly. Thank you sir.

    • Here also, the entire village attended. Sirugumani is a very small village that has few hundreds of people…that’s all.the qualifications to conduct such yagams are pretty strict and there are not many people in todays world to meet them…..Brahmasri padmanabachari is one of them. Truly a great experience…

  9. Dear Shri.Srinivasan,

    Saw yr mail reg the temple -Uttara Vaidhdheeswaram .Interested to know whether the temple requires renovation.
    Any photo available? My email id is [chennai]


  10. Dear Shri Maheshji

    Shri Nanduji at maintains a list of vedapathashalas in India and abroad.

    The Veda Pathashala list is updated. See

    If you supply information on the above 4 pathashalas like name, place,contact person, telephone No. etc. Shri Nanduji would be glad to update his list. His email id is


  11. Dear Mr Mahesh
    I have been following your postings on Sri Mahaperiava and your other activities..
    I am sure HE is bestowed His blessings on you not only for all the Great works u are doing but also share the divine experiences. with all of us.
    I am Srinvasan from Irungur Village ( UTHIRA VAISHEESWARAM ) – near KALAVAI as Mahaperiava called ..
    (CHIEF EXECUTIVE of a Nuero & Trauma Care Hospital In Chennai)

    If you can spare few minutes during your stay in Chennai i wish to meet you and share the details of 1700 yr old Sundarvalli Samedha Vaidhyanaadheswarar temple built by — Kulothunga Cholan I – which was in ruins for more than 55 yrs and now puja is being performed since 2002 – under advice of Sri Periavas.

    I am available on 94444 07265 kindly let me know your convenience

  12. Mahesh,
    Wonderul pictures; it is really good to know that young students are learning vedam; Periyavaa’s dream is coming true; atleast there seems to be an awareness and good minds are continuning our tradition;
    There is one veda patashala in Kettavarampalayam, near Thiruvannamalai that also needs help; I shall send details by e-mail.
    Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara

  13. Maha Periyava Padam Charanam!!
    Thanks Mahesh for the nice sharing about your divine experience on your trip to Patasalas!! Wish you visit many more places and have a blissful trip ahead!!

  14. You certainly are blessed. Humbly and sincerely pray that you continue to be blessed to carry out the great service.

  15. Very nice to see all the pictures Shri Mahesh. It was a joy to see the young Veda students and the teachers. In the Sirugumani Patashala photos the person sitting in a chair and speaking into the mike seems to be Brahmashri Sathanoor Ganapadigal, one who interacted with Swamigal closely. The shot of the temple and the temple tank near the Ilayathangudi Patashala is so serene.

    I did not get the usual email alert whenever you post, not sure about others.

    Thanks a ton for the photos and the writeups, can’t wait to have you back soon, so that we can see new videos of devotees’ interactions with Him!

    Have fun!

    • He is Sathanoor Brahmasri Krishnamoorthy Ganapadigal – one of the authorities in Yajur Veda. Greatest devotee of Mahaperiyava……even I didn’t get any email – not sure why……

      Mahesh Sent from my iPad

  16. Mahesh, are you also in the process of identifying paatasalas that require financial assistance ? If you are doing so, please share that information with me also. Of the 3 you have posted here, do you see anyone of them badly need of assistance or all of them need ? Please reply.

    Hari om..


    • Yes, my purpose of these visits, is to see which are the ones that deserve support….sirugumani and thogur really require support….I will post more details on them tonight…..always under short of time….pl wait……

      Mahesh Sent from my iPad

  17. wonderful trip details and photos. Grateful to Mahesh and associates!

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