Another Ghosala under the blessings of Periyava

I got an email from Shri PS Srinivasan, good friend of one of our readers. He is running a ghosala near Kanchipuram and I offered to publish here about what they are doing so that all our readers know about such great yeoman service. The brochures tells us a lot..They are in the process ongoing project to grow green fodder for the cows. This involves leasing of the necessary land and water resources. ..Since I am getting quite such details about veda/ghoshala related details, I created a new menu item “samrakshanam”.

Great job Sir. Let us all pray Mahaperiyava to provide you all the support to continue this service.

I am also going to post another video I saw in FB about how many cows in lakhs and lakhs are sent to Kerala for butchering. I could not watch the entire video – I stopped half way as it was very disturbing….After seeing such videos, it is very soothing to hear about people running gho sala for older cows….

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Anyone want to support / contact can use the details below::

Bank Details :

Bank: State Bank Of India
Branch: Royapettah
Account Holder name: Savithri Gorakshana Samithi
Account Number: 10202965251
IFS code Number: SBIN0001793
(01793) Royapettah,(Chennai)
213, Royapettah High Road,
Chennai city
Tamilnadu – 600014

My Address:
P S Srinivasan
4th Floor, ‘A’ Block,
Sreshta Anand Aparments
No 16 Hanumantha Road,
Chennai 600014
Tel # 9884032954/ 044 28132593″

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  1. LDSFA in Houston, TX is buying a 7.2 acres of land to establish a ghosala, first of it in USA. It will have Gopuja,an Information Centre for Kanchi mutt, kamakshi amman sannadhi, panchakavya and vibuthy production.
    Project cost US $ 500,000 , 50 donors each contributing US$ 10 K. I will be the first donor mainly from India in memory of my wife.
    pl see

  2. Apparently, a few cows there are direct descendents of the cows that existed in Dwaraka when Lord Krishna lived.

  3. I had been to Govindapuram over the weekend. A Go-Shala with over 500 cows is being run there at the Vithala temple. The facility that lodges these cows is so hygienic and pleasing to the eye. Several ceiling fans run to keep the cows comfortable !
    The cows looked very healthy to me (in fact at first glance, i thought they were bulls !). I saw several calves joyfully prancing, jumping and running around in the huge campus – such a pleasing sight !
    Vets are available to ensure the health of the cows. A lady who appeared to be an official there explained to us that the milk from the cows is exclusively for the calves – they are not exploited commercially; a few liters is donated to one of the nearby temples, that’s it.

    A huge can of butter milk has been kept outside the go-shala. Visitors can help themselves to it. The taste is still lingers on in my mouth….
    A few hundred meters from this go-shala (across the road) is an ashram dedicated to Kanchi MahaPeriyava. If there’s a go-shala, can Periyava be far away ? 🙂

  4. Go Samrakshanam is an important task. Thank you for the message.

    Balasubramanian NR

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