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Some might say that this post is not relevant to this site – I gently disagree with those thoughts….Unless we create an awareness, we can’t even understand the problem fully – leave alone the solution….

I ran into this 30 mts video recently somewhere in the net….Please watch fully. Very heart-breaking….Shocking to see the number of cows that are slaughtered daily in Kerela…It seems like this video has been produced by very authentic sources – data pointers are alarming….Can we still call our land the divine land where cow slaughtering seems to be dominating.  Kerala – what is wrong with this state? This video paints the picture as if meat is the only way to survive as Kerela’s  grain production is the lowest in the country – is it true?

However, there is one question in my mind concerning the numbers – if these numbers are accurate (say several lakhs of cattles per year) there wont be any cattle left in Tamilnadu – am i wrong?

How do we stop this? What do we need to do? Can we stop this at all? There seems to be strong lobby to support cow-slaughtering at the center, state everywhere….Shouldn’t there be a movement to stop this?? Should Brahmins the only one to fight for this??  If so, we know the result – nothing will happen! What do we do?

If TN govt something immediately to prevent this, it would tremendously reduce this cruelty.

After seeing this video one can appreciate all the gho sala efforts done by Periyava devotees and the need to support them. Supporting them financially is one (easy) part but what is more important is to support them physically also – how do we get more cows to them by spreading the word in smaller towns from where cattles are sent to Kerala..

Let us pray Lord Krishna to save these cows…..


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  1. it really pains to see this happening in our country. we should all do what we can to stop this.

  2. Dear sir, Do you think the Gods in temples stil there in our temples, they have left long ago. There may be idols. but not chaithanyam because of mean people who make mochery of pilgrimge and poojas.With such govenments which thrives on liqor and leather we may expect cannibalism in near future that too may be laws passed by our central governmet.

  3. did mention ‘People For Cattle in India’ under the gosala article earlier. If interested, may check their FB page

  4. Suggest Please keep the identity of the individuals involved in filming this video, discreet for their safety.

    Indiara gandhi killed the sadhus on Gopashatami day. Sri Karpatri maharaj who had organised the andolan for banning cow slaughter cursed indira gandhi saying that she too will be killed in similar fashion by the police. She was killed on Gopashtami day by her own security guard.

    Please watch video of Mr Rajeev Dixit which will be eye opener. You will be surprised that the seeds were sown by the britisher who wanted to destroy our agriculture..

    We must form small grups in each area for protection of barren cows and bulls and their maintenance. Religious institution are flush with money but you see very cow protection by them , only lip service.


  5. The numbers may be exaggerated but the truth is thousands of cows are driven from TN for slaughtering in Kerala.
    It must be political compulsion in Kerala where Muslim and Christian population have a decisive say in elections.
    I understand that one of the first legislation s passed by the newly elected Congress Government in Karnataka was to permit cow slaughter.
    But unless the Governments are made to realise – in a telling manner – that for the majority Hindu population of India it is a sin to slaughter cows and that this majority is deeply hurt by this act, things will go on like this.
    But unfortunately Indian politics is based on pampering the minorities. I do not mean to politicalise this issue but the solution lies only there.
    How many charitable GOsalas can be run and that too facing the vested interests.

  6. Posting this matter in this site is NOT Irrelevant. there have been a number of cases where the lorries carrying such cattle are stopped at tamilnadu border and andhra border but still this goes on. Mettur is very concerned and He also drafted a letter to Modi. I am unable to write this further as even those goshalas which are being run find it difficult and they say dont send more cows here as it is getting difficult to maintain. Surprisingly some of these cattle which were fed properly have given birth to calves and that milk of country cow is very tasty!!!!Mettur s maintaining two in tapovanam and hence the difficulty are know to us. how to help is ……???????????????

  7. Dear Sir, I share your anguish .. yes, if we persevere, we can curb this to great extent. I have my own doubts whether it will happen under the present congress rule .. It is time that we start a signature campaign and target 1 crore signatures from like minded people and represent to Narendra Modi (who has already banned cow slaughter in his state) when he assumes greater responsibility in the central govt .. We can also approach sankara tv and appeal to them to run slides highlighting the need for a total ban on cow slaughter .. TN Govt under Jayalalitha also may support the movement if a proper representation is made to her .. yes there is a strong lobby working against us .. especially the leather industry .. we need to counter them .. it is a tough task .. but we definitely must do something for this ‘vayilla jeevans’ ..

    • I also thought about a mass appeal idea….i need some active volunteers from Chennai to make this happen – me sitting in USA does not help much except for publicizing etc.

      • am 62 and due to family circumstances workiing to keep both ends meet is really heart rending to see the cows are rummaging garbage for food and sometimes forced to eat plastic ..our sunday begins with feeding ‘agathikeerai’ to cows roaming on the streets of chromepet ..I also have plan to carry water in jerry can and quench their thirst to extent possible .. it gives our family an immense satisfaction that we could follow a little bit of Mahaperiyavas advise .. but it is nothing and am willing to devote my sunday for activities connected with ‘gho samrakshanam’ .. I welcome like minded devotees of mahaperiyava to join me in this cause so that we can do it in a bigger scale .. one can reach me on my mobile 9790938880 .. Jaya Jaya Sankara . Hara Hara Sankara ..

  8. In karnataka ban on cow slaughtering was lifted by state government resently

  9. Dear Mahesh you have done a right thing by posting your are blessed by PerIava by bringing this awareness hope our Parliment brings a ban on Cow slaughter ban which was started by Britishers, records shows at Aurangzeb time Cow Slaughter was banned. Hope we learn a lesson from this

  10. Pranams all the devotees should work towards protection of ghomatha.

    There is one good announcement made by Shr iMettur swamigal @ govindhapuram
    regarding cow protection and how it is helpful in our life.

    The same may please be put up across tamilnadu.

    It is the periyavaa voice through magesh.

    Let us make vow that all we unitedly stand together..

    jaya jaya sankara hara hara sankara

  11. Shri Mahesh,

    Kudos to you for this post.

    As we know, Sri Maha Periva has spoken at length in Deivathin Kural (Vol 7) about protecting the sacred animal. As Periva says, the welfare of the cow will ensure the welfare of the country. If it is protected, sins will come down on their own. If it is subjected to cruelties, there will be trouble for the whole world. Periva has also insisted that we need to have a law to ban slaughtering of cows. Ideally, this is the only solution.

    Unfortunately, in our country, although majority of us are Hindus, we always seem to be inclined to make the minorities happy.

    Let me quote Periva in Voice of God (Vol 7): “My wish is that in addition to we Hindus coming together as a family in the service of the cow, we have to carry this message with love to people of other religions also, involve them so that the entire society comes together as a family for doing the service. Religious affinity may take different forms for different people but since compassion to animals is common to all, all religionists in our country should come together on this basis. That is my wish.”

    Another point, it is not just Brahmins who must lobby to bring about a law to ban the slaughtering of the divine animal. The cow is a sacred animal to all Hindus. Even Hindus who take non-vegetarian food, do not consume beef.

    The Kanchi Paramacharya Community on Facebook recently released an E-book on Periva’s discourses on “Go Samrakshana”. It is available on this link:

    I think all Hindus should read this.

    Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  12. Unable to continue viewing this video for more than 3 mts. It breaks the heart. Can we call our India as Hindustan? Every one of us should be ashamed. Am looking for contacts of the so-called animal welfare centres or institutions. Large number of appeals and protests should pour to all concerned. I think instead of being complacent, we should start acting. How? Let a proper channelised, legal protest campaign be instituted.

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