Quick update on cow situation in Olakudi Village

Dear all,

Talked to Karthikeyan this morning to get some updates. He told me more ! First the updates::

  • Total cows to be saved: 350
  • Jain group rescued : 100
  • Mahavir group from Coimbatore: 100
  • To be saved : 150
  • Contribution from all our readers: 3.6 Lakhs = 36 cows

the mahavir group invited Karthikeyan to Coimbatore, walked him through their ghosala; asked him to explain the situation. After hearing him, they immediately committed to 100 but they said that they would do their best for 150.

At this point, Karthikeyan thinks that we do not any more donation until we identify the need. Also he is traveling to the village today to discuss with Bala and his team to get more updates on the ground. So all others who have reached out to me for contribution, please wait till i communicate.

Due to the posting from our blog, the message has reached  several people who are also showing interest and buying these cows etc. In fact the Mahavir group from Coimbatore and lot other ghosalas came to know about this situation from our blog post – I am happy that our blog is turning out to actually help people to do right things.

When I was talking to Karthikeyan, he was innocently narrated me an incident. He got a dream where Periyava was sitting on the floor with no vastram on his chest, with glasses on, one hand leaning on the floor. Karthikeyan asks Him about any income tax problem he might get because of these funds. Periyava says that no such things will come as he is surrounded by good people. Then he tells Him that he has never dealt any amount like this before and he is scared and unable to focus on his regular work etc. He patiently says “you do what you need to do. I will take care of you”. This dream came early morning today/yesterday around 4AM. The best part is Karthikeyan probably heard about Mahaperiyava only after our posting here. As Dr Padma Subramaniam and HH Sivan Sir says, “when Periyava comes in dream, it is not a dream – it is a darshan”! Karthikeyan is a blessed soul! What more one needs to understand that gho samrakshanam is Periyava’s #1 priority.

Karthikeyan is planning to start a ghosala named “Kanchi Maha Periyava Ghoshala” in Erode – the only way he knows to thank Periyava. I wish him all the bests in his efforts.

I thank each of you who have rallied quickly to save these cows and generously contributed for this great cause.

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara

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  1. Many thanks for the updates since we are very much anxious and to know the latest position. Kudos to Karthick who is shouldering such a responsibility at this young age. When Mr. Mahesh gives a call, it will be
    swiftly attended to. Jaya Jaya Sankara ! Hara Hara Sankara!

  2. Fantastic turn of events, Mahaperiyavaa is a Siddha Purusha and he can manifest at his will. From all the interviews and messages in this blog, I see that he manifests not for those who boast of their ego but to those humble followers who practise his message in their daily life. Karthikeyan’s incident is just one of these. Very glad to hear that Karthikeyan, influenced by Mahaswamy is starting a Gho shala in his name. I pray to Mahaswamy for Karthikeyan’s continued efforts in this direction and I am sure Mahaswamy will himself check on all the problems with proper solutions. The below is a big rendition, so, pardon me for taking long.

    Erode is the Kurukshetra for this battle to save our Gho matha. It is through this place that each day several hundreds of native indian cows are being smuggled or bought into Kerala where cow slaughtering is there.
    In their place, the tamil people are bringing in cross bred cows thinking they will yeild more milk.

    There are several problems as below:

    1) Native Indian cows are practically maintenance free – where as the cross bred are high maintenance – hence profit for the farmers is practically nil or worse they face loss in raising cross bred cows.

    2) Native Indian cow’s milk is rich in protein and omega acid which are totally absent in cross bred cow’s milk.

    3) Cross bred cow’s milk are the main cause of cholesterol in our country today. The case of Cholestrol was practically absent some 60 years before, when native cows where there in India.

    4) The very shape of Native Indian cows with their hump, hoof, long tail, ability to shake any part of their skin seperately and their unique spinal cord structure are best suited for the Indian landscape. This is not the case with the cross bred or abroad varieties where in they require special cow sheds and cannot even stand the sound of rain falling during the monsoon.

    5) Native cow’s digestion system and excretion system are uniquely evolved to produce more helpful bacterias. This dung from our native cows is used for zero budget farming as it enriches the soil with humus several times faster, more effective and with no side effects. The urine from cow can be preserved for very long time and it can be used as pest repellent. There is renewed research for using this cow urine by distilling it as ‘Arka’ to be used as antiseptic agent – several times more potent than their chemical conterparts.

    6) Spiritual farming by Subhash Palekar, Organic farmer Nammalwar, Organic ‘Pitamaha’ Bhaskar Hiraji Save and Vandana Shiva all stress on saving Indigenous cow breeds for the very sustenance on farming in India. There is no machine in this world, which can turn the waste product from our house into useful biomass on a daily basis than the cows.

    7) Allan Savory in his talk in Ted titled ‘Reversing Desertification’ clearly states his 60 year research that cattle population are the sole reason through which deserts could be reversed to rain forests. This is what our Vedas and Thirukkural also stresses.

    8) The western countries are cheating Indians by a four pronged approach
    stage 1) First they degrade the native breed through their propaganda – our local farmer and agricultural universities also parrot the same nonsense and bring in cross breds or abroad varieties.
    stage 2) They source the native cattle of India, whose true worth they know, secretly to Brazil and other southern states like texas, mexico, etc., where they grow them properly.
    stage 3) Since the native cows are no longer in India, India’s eco system is lost, disease comes, vegetation recedes, rain stops. Now, as a medicine, the west sells the same native Indian breed in the name of ‘Brahman cow variety’ back to India and amass wealth.

    This is nothing different than what British did to us during the colonial time. They took cotton out, made shirts, degraded our native weavers and brought back the shirt and sold in multifold profit back to us.

    This needs to change – there cannot be a change unless there is help from govt. and publicity campaigns – Sri Ramachandra Mutt, Hosanagar is doing a great service in saving and rejuvinating the 33 varieties of cows of India in their mutt. The Shankaracharya swamiji of the mutt is doing a great service in this regard. But this is not enough. Shankara Mutt and other mutts in Tamilnadu should do a similar stuff at all the places in Tamilnadu. They can do it only with our efforts.

    What can we do:

    1) Stop using leather products – watch strap, shoes, slippers, belts, bags, handbags, purse – all these should be got only from artificial leather – the cows are mainly slaughtered for meat and leather – Meat, or beef, we Hindus dare to even think of, so, the other product leather should also be taboo to us. We must switch to artificial leather that’s very much available. Stress on ‘no leather’ when you go for shopping next time.
    2) Stress on having native cow milk – this is not as feasible now, but I have some project in mind in the lines of ‘Ahimsa milk’ of UK – to start a dairy industry in Ahimsa lines for native cows alone.
    3) Spread the message of saving native cows to who ever you speak to. Lets create the vibe and Mahaswamy will see to it that this will become a great momentum.
    4) Save Cows from slaughter as we did in this case and as much as possible, start gho shalaas.
    5) Gho Shaalas is a big business, not only for their diary product, but the dung and urine can be made into several products, some of them are:
    1) Pure Vibhuthi can be made and sold from the native cow breed dung cakes.
    2) Dung cakes of native cows are in great demand for Yagyas and Homas around the world.
    3) Dung and Urine can be mixed to make Pancha Ghavya and sold.
    4) Cow urine can be mixed with neem and other ingridients to be made into pest repllents.
    5) Cow Urine can be distilled to make ‘Arka’ which can be used as the best antisceptic.
    6) Cow Dung can be mixed with charcoal and made into agarbattis.
    7) Cow dung can be mixed with neem powder and charcoal and made into mosquito coils or cones.
    8) Cow dung can be mixed with sambrani ( frankesence ) and made into computer sambraani.
    9) Vegetable waste from Koyambedu and other food processing industries could be sourced in a very cheap amount and fed to cows.
    10) Manure from the cow dung is on great demand for enriching soil in organic agriculture.
    11) Cow dung ash mixed with Shika and Arakku powder is now being sold as ‘Patanjali Organic dish washing powder’ and is of great demand as chemical dish washing powders are damaging the skin and nails of house hold women.

    I am gathering the know how and will be happy to share and calculated that the profit from these ( remember profit – after paying the bills and salary to semi-skilled or unskilled employees ) alone is Rs. 2,50,000 per month. Its not Gho Samrakshana, but actually Gho mata who protects us with what ever we need and in return she expects nothing more than love and affection from us – she is happy with even the vegetable garbage we throw to her to feed on.

    If time permits, I will scan and send in the greatness of Gho Seva, as explained in a book let released by Gita Press Ghorakhpur. It shows how much our great kings of past and even during the independence movement, did to save our native cows.

    I pray Mahaswamy to guide us and give us strength in this regard towards this project.

    Seeking the grace of Mahaswamy,

    Thanks and regards,

    Vijay Parthasarathy

  3. Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara.

    Very happy to see that the “go mathas” are saved. May Sri Sri Sri Periyava’s blessings be always with all of us.

  4. We need to have an book of this type drafted by Sh.P.R.RAJAGOPALAN ,Mumbai.It is a Panchang giving all details from sacred thread change to all tharpanas incl dates for Amavasya tharpanam, and its mantras etc etc,daily mantras to be told at sunrise and when going to bed and also every day and its importance etc.

    An great effort highlighted by H.H. Sringeri Matham also.

    It can be purchased at nominal cost from :Sh P.R.Rajagopalan, Bldg no.A2,Flat no.101,Shankeshwar nagar, MANPADA ROAD, DOMBIVILI EAST,-421204.

    Details can be asked by ph:0251-2870902/mobile: 09820115432.

    Very useful gita for all brahmins.



    Encl:front page photograph. Details inside book

    On Fri, Mar 7, 2014 at 5:53 AM, Sage of Kanchi

  5. Great job done. thanks for posting.

  6. Yea! Periyava indeed is watching all of this and is happy about this 🙂 Thanks so much for your blog really! Such great service in spreading the word about good deeds! Periyava will bless you equally 🙂

  7. “என்ன இது? Sb a/c -இல் எல்லாரையும் பணத்தை transfer பண்ண சொல்றாரே ,பின்னால் problem வராமல் இருக்கணுமே ” was my underlying thought.நான் எவ்வளவு முட்டாள் – அனு இப்போ நன்னா புரிகிறது .

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