Mahaperiyava sagunopasana video by Smt Srividya Ganesan

Smt Srividya has done 3 part video of sagunopasana – one for dhyanam, anga puja and ashtothram. Following is the link to the video.

Like I said, there has been lots of unnecessary fear in doing a puja for guru. I have posted many many times that we can keep it very simple like how Smt Srividya has done in this video – read the dhyana slokam, do ashtotram – it is enough – just the basic – no need for initiation etc.

Following is the link to sagunopasana material approved by Sri Matam.


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  1. Ram Ram,

    Thanks for this post. I have a question. Can we include MahaPeriayava dhyanam, avahanam, archanai and other upacharams as part of Panchayathana pooja?


  2. Link to the playlist containing the 3 videos is here.

  3. Is it not a rule that for such poojas Upadesa by a guru is required?

    • No… Not at all. Just like For regular Pooja like pillaiyar chaturthi or varalakshmi pooja or saraswati pooja, initiation is not compulsory, likewise, this Pooja also.

    • Initiation by a Guru is better but not compulsory. In DEIVATIN KURAL 7th volume Sri mahaperiyavas advice on such pooja not involving Veda mantras and Beejakshras is there

  4. It is quite right that a pooja is not like a mantra which needs initiation. Like any other pooja like Vinayaka, saraswati or janmashtami, guru pooja is one such. With the additional privelege of performing it whenever, including daily.

    Just covering dhyanam, anga puja and ashtottaram, which when combined with dhoopam, deepam and naivedyam will constitute a nearly full Pooja for Mahaperiyava.

    This Anga Pooja is particularly special because of the shat-chakra- sancharini – Ambal swaroopam portrayal of Mahaperiyava.

    I recollect reading many years back in this very forum that Mahaperiyava blessed the author with these special naamaas in the dream and thereafter these were appended to the existing Anga Pooja naamaas.

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