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Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara,

I want to share with you all a great “Periyava” series I have been watching for the past couple of weeks in Bombay Chanakys Fastflix YT channel (this has been telecast in Sankara TV as well). This series has been directed impeccably by Bombay Chankya who previously directed a series called Karma, which was awesome as well.

For starters, this series is not about Periyava’s biography nor devotee experiences. It is a series that focusses mainly on Periyava’s teachings from Deivathin Kural that is narrated through small pragmatic incidents. The importance of doing Trikaala Sandyavandanam, Veda Rakshanam, Pidi Arissi Thittam, Periyava’s dislike for Brahmins going abroad has been covered so far. Each episode lasts about 20 mins and 12 episodes have been completed till now. The title song is very impressive and the screenplay is pretty swift.

Shri Muthu Venkatraman who has acted as Maha Periyava has absolutely lived as Periyava and it is a privilege watching this series that has so many takeaways for all of us.

Below is the YT link to the Bombay Chankya’s Fastflix channel that also has several promos and the making of this serial. I would suggest all to watch this from very first episode as it very engrossing and educating.

Sri Periyava Thiruvadi Sharanam,
Rama Rama


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  1. We love watching Periyaval serial. Well taken.
    But a major drawback is…..
    The background music is annoyingly loud.
    My 92 year old mother finds the dialogues are not clear because of the music.
    Please please reduce the background sound effects.

  2. Tks a lot for writing about the series
    *Bombay Chanakya*

  3. had paramacharya been here today, he would have strictly restricted against all these modern depiction of periyava stories, blah blah. all for just commercial purposes. please let us just read the book and start following rather than fantazising these efforts. Some of These actors act is movies too which is quite disgusting to relate . mahaperiya sharanam.

    • I am thoroughly enjoying watching this serial as it is a big learning experience for me personally on various aspects of Hindu Dharma and way of living . The characters are performing in a very cultured and devoted manner , a clear reflection of how a typical middle class family is , covering 5 generations, right from the great grandfather to the small children…

  4. 💐🙏💐🙏💐🙏

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