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  1. Respected Sir,
    We all want blessings from Kanchi Acharyals and at this present juncture, we should not differentiate our bhakthi/sincerity towards one Acharyal and all are unique and all are following their Guru’s guidance for the welfare of the mankind towards attaining peace and loving each other. So as said by some people, Srimatam/Sreekaryam request all devotees to contribute for completion of this project as envisaged by our Mahaperiyava thro Shri Proshoda Mama and they also mention contribution for Orikkai Manimandapam .

    Jaya Jaya Shankara ! Hara Hara Shankara!

  2. Sir, I write again,,this time after a dream I dreamt last night (23/24), where Si Pudu Periyava came in one of His rare appearances, and said, “Sariya than ezhuthirikke. Inime Vendaam”. I woke up and the clock said 4-15. Namaskaram. S.Chidambaresa Iyer 24 12 2014

  3. Sir, Respectfully I repeat what I said earlier. If, as reported Sri Periyava had okayed the money collection for this project, Sri Pudu Periyava would be the last person to deny issuing a SRI MUKHAM, if approached by the organisers, who are using the name of Pradosham Venkatarama Iyer for money collection. In 1970 Sri Periyava HIMSELF told me not to raise a pie for the Bhagavad Gita Project, which He wanted me to do. I started with His Blessing , but He did it ENTIRELY. I sadly note a good amount of animosity shown towards Sri Pudu Periyava (from 1966), in some sishyas who pride themselves in public, as the Bhaktas of Sri Maha Periyava only. By creating such cleavage among the Mutt sishyas towards their Acharyas, these men are doing droham to the Kamakoti Mutt Parampara.HH Sri Maha Periyava must pardon them ! Regards. S Chidamabresa Iyer 23 12 2014

  4. Chidambaresa Iyer & Venkat Natarajan, as Srinivasan says above, this project has been blessed and given the go-ahead by Mahaperiyava Himself, when He donned that human frame, by going over the entire blue print. You may watch Salem Ravi Mama’s interview for details on this. So, the need for a Shrimukham is redundant, at all.

  5. I don’t know whether I qualify to register my opinion,however I completely concur with SudharshanIyer,besides would want to bring to everyone’s notice that this platform is meant to discuss only about His Holiness JagatGuru Sri Sri Mahaperiyava.I earnestly ask fellow devotees to refrain from posting derogatory comments about such non pareil initiatives.Srimukham from the incumbent Acharyas is redundant as this project is already blessed by GOD himself.Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara.


  6. S. Chidambaresa Iyer & Venkat Natarajan, please understand this Orikkai Manimantapam is a project initiated by one of the greatest devotees of Mahaperiyava by name Pradosham Venkatarama Aiyer. It was the dream of this ordinary railway employee that is ascending such magnanimous proportions. There are certain things that remain close to the heart and devotion is one such. One cannot question why certain people profess devotion towards a certain deity more than others and this is called Ishta Devatha Upasana. Such a similar kind of bhakti was professed by Pradosham Mama towards Mahaperiyava. Such people have great respect towards the present Acharyas but the element called Bhakti is only towards Mahaperiyava and not even towards other deities such as Sriman Narayana, Parameshwara, Ambal, Ganapathi or Subrahmanya.

    Everybody knows the Guru Parampara is important, but then why do we hold out certain Acharyas from the Kanchi Guru Parampara in particular devotion, especially Adi Acharyal, Sureshwaracharya, Sri Bodhendra Saraswathi Swamigal, Sri Sudarshana Mahadevendra Saraswathi Swamigal, Mahaperiyava, etc. It is because of the extremely unique lives that they lived and the lives of devotees that they touched, their uplifting and rejuvenation activities, etc. It is not that the rest of the Acharyas have not done much, but just that these Acharyas contributions have been more outstanding, and the way Mahaperiyava has touched the lives of devotees, no other Acharya, not even from other Guru Paramparas belonging to other Mathas has done. Hence, this inexplicable out pour of devotion towards this greatest saint of our times.

    Hence, kindly request you to respect such sentiments and post your comments in abeyance to that.

    • Sir, Respectfully, I give my reply to all devotees, with prayers on my lips to Sri Maha Periyava. I knew Pradosham Venkatarama iyer, personally, and respect him still for his Bhakti to Sri Periyava. This mani mandapam that is being built for Sri Maha Periyava would be well done if it is built associating the Blessings of the two present Acharyas, His very Sishyas, still available with us fortunately. They are both Sannyasis and would not mind if they are not associated with this; nor will they desire to refuse to come and bless if they are called. I understand they have already come to this place of building. What prevents the organisers to avoid getting a SRI MUKHAM for this venture, from Sri jayendra Saraswati, who is available with us? He will be too glad in this venture and so will be His sishya, Sri Bala periyava. By not associating them both in this, the organisers are doing a mistake. This is my humble opinion.. Regards. S. chidambaresa iyer 22 12 2014

    • Dear Sri SudarshanIyerji,

      I am afraid you seem to over-simplify the point. We know very well that respect for some of the Acharyas of the Guru Parampara could be more intense because of their extremely unique lives as you said.
      The problem today is entirely different. After the unfortunate 2004 episode, you also know that numerous devotees have started professing that they are devotees only of Sri Mahaperiyava and have even removed photos of present 2 Acharyas from their Puja room. Similar show of irreverence has also manifested in other ways in many families.
      If present day sishyas do not respect present 2 Acharyas, don’t you also fear that Sishya Parampara to Sri Kanchi Mutt will itself disappear?
      Devotees claiming that they are sishyas only of Sri Mahaperiyava only will not be encouraged even by Sri Mahaperiyava if he lived today!
      So it is but correct to support only Projects and initiatives which seek the blessings also from the present Acharyas and receive SriMukham from them.
      I am sure you will agree with my above views as a sincere devotee of the Guru Parampara

  7. I fully agree with Sri. Venkat Natarajan (20 Dec 2014). There is ONLY ONE KAMAKOTI PARAMPARA. And it does not stop with Sri Maha Periyava. We remain sishyas only, and a sishya’s duty is to do GURU VANDANA only. We aii have passed through trying times. there is no place here for comparisons between our own Gurus. Our mental equipment is NIL when we are before them, I pray, all our friends realize this early. Bhakti and Humility are required for every one of us. Chidambaresa Iyer. 21 12 2014

  8. An aspect which is quite discomforting for devotees regularly visit this website for reading about Sri Mahaperiyava’s life and preachings- there are a lot of fund-raising requests coming up. Right at this moment- there are at least 3 live fund-raising requests going on..
    It is not possible for Sri Mahesh to weed out the genuine from the rest. It may not be wrong to suggest that only initiatives which are blessed with SriMukham from SriMatam should be posted on this website.
    Particularly, those projects initiated by persons who claim they are devotees of only Sri Mahaperiyava and not of present Acharyas should be avoided.

    Respect and reverence for the Guru Parampara is more important than any other matter.

    I hope I have not said anything wrong.

  9. om shree anusha jyothiye potri avarthamm thirup padhangale potri potri

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