Anusham Pravachanam By Arusuvai Arasu Sri Natarajan

Arusuvai Arasu’ Sri Natarajan, recounts his long and privileged experiences with MahaPeriyava.In this extempore narration , he goes back and forth in time and we get to know about yet another facet of Periyava viz. cooking, recipes and more!!!!

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  1. Me and my family members all enjoyed Shri.Natarajans food and hospitality at Orikkai in dec 2013 when we visited for Mahaswamy’s Aradhanai.
    Oh what a soul and what food and what humility!
    A true devotee of our Mahaswamy.
    Prof. Ramachandran

  2. Learnt not to say “illai” for any item.

  3. Anantha koti namaskarams to mahaperiyava and their devotees.

  4. HARE KRISHNA what arusuvai arasu SIR,teaches we r designated to discharge some duties without ego &self. we r blessed to do that opportunity was given by lord to be incharge of prasadam distribution. it is not only by the ingredients of ghee sugar and other things. with our love and devotion we were preparing the prasadam so it was very delicious.we learnt a lot by the grace of MAHA PERIVA

  5. Excellent Anusham Pravachanam by Arusuvai Natarajan.

    Sri Periyava saying about

    “Alangara Oppu”, ”

    Inji thatti podu”

    “one by three ya”

    “serve food by seeing hands of the ladies”,

    “thirunelveli kara neraiya keppalle da”

    “north arcot aa? nellikai muttai avizthu kotiina mathiri neraiya peru varuvalle kalyanthhuku da”

    “aduthu thadava periya ladda pani kodu madathuku”

    ” enna chittu kutcheriya ille pattu Kutcheriya” asking Senmangudi Srivasan Iyer.

    asking arusuvai natarajan “enada naan padinathu sariyada”.

    “enna Iyengar (TVS iyengar) ellarum solara, nanga TVS bus le ponathale enga vettule kuyanthai poranthathu, kalyanam nitchayam acchu” Ippo nanum onn busle (pallaku) eri vanthutyen.

    and so many

    Arusuvai Natarajan saying,

    “there is no recepie in the madam, the food will be prepared with whatever available in the madam”

    “rendu maniku madathule saptachunna adutha nall rendu manikuthan marupadi pasi eddukum”

    and the list goes on, must listen interview

    There is no ending for listening to Sri Periyava darshna anubavangal.

    I never had a darshan of Sri Periyava closely, except a memory of getting the theertha prasadam from Sri Periyava in Ayodhya Mandapam in 1970’s. After that once in Kanchipuram at the mutt had darshan from distance, apart from nothing, How wasteful of life all these years and that too residing at madras. But after that theertha prasadam, Sri Periyava grace continued after long years giving darshan in dreams in last few years.

    Sri Periyava Saranam

  6. I request Arusuvai to record his Experience with Mahaperiyava,when he n his wife decided to end their life..met Him..How Mahaperiyava didn’t allow Arusuvai to move an inch from Him thro’ out the night n a miracle in the next morning.Arusuvai has narrated this incident in Anandavikatan yrs back!That shd be recorded for pisterity’s sake,I feel!

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