Experiences Of Sri Sadasivam Mama

This video was recorded in Varanasi (Kasi).
Please bear with us for the Audio disturbances during the interview.
Sri Sadasivam Mama served as one of the personal aides of Periyava.
Some of the topics you will watch and hear include:
‘Vaakya Panchangam and Thriganitha Panchangam’
Meaning of ‘Periyava’
Appayya Dikshidar
and more

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6 replies

  1. The chronicle of “Chinnanjamiyar” that is mentioned by mama in the interview is in the link below:


    Go towards the end of the page or search for Chinnanjamiyaar. For those who do not know to read Tamil fluently or do not have a copy of Yenipadigalil maanthargal, this would be helpful.

  2. Very absorbing

  3. Excellent Interview Blessed are we listeners

  4. thanks a lot

  5. Mahaperiyava has given an explanation on Vakhya Panchang and Thiru Kanitha Panchangam in a ‘sathas’ for Astrologers. Is anybody willing to reproduce the explanation given by our Mahaperiya?

  6. shankaraaaaaaaaaa

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