Experiences Of Dr Mani Veeraraghavan

We may not be able  to come across the  type of FIRST MEETING of MahaPeriyava, as experienced by Dr.Mani Veeraraghavan, a ‘Bhaktha’,truly blessed by MahaPeriyava

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  1. Very blessed to listen to the Divine Experience. Is there a way to contact Dr. Mani Veeraraghavan. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Excellent and I have shared this link in the page GREAT SAINTS OF INDIA

  3. I am really amazed by the experience w high Dr. Mani has narrated. I know Dr. Mani very well from his boyhood.d as I worked under his father Dr. Veeraraghavan director Pasteur istitute coonoor. I believe every word of what he said. Periyavaa was really God in human form. Dr. Mani is doing so much social service is somethingall should appreciate.he is uniquely blessed by the priyavar. If there isany way to convey my feelings through this to mani I shall feel satisfied.
    A. Gajanana

  4. Interview of Dr Mani was so moving, have you interviewed Dr Bhaskar also ? Could you upload that please.

  5. Thanks Mani!, All the Best for your Spiritual Vatra!

  6. Thanks for sharing this wonderful experience with us

  7. A great experience and really blessed by this great man.

  8. What an experience…………Touching

  9. What a BLESSED soul;, Really great.

  10. Great interview….thanks Sivaraman ji…..

  11. Abundantly blessed in deed. Long live Dr Mani and serve the people.
    Dr.G. Ravichandran

  12. Stupendous. Maha Periyava has Blessed Dr. Mani Veeraraghavan totally and took his services to Him! His Karunai is Apaaram! As Sri Periyava has sung about His Guru, Maha Periyava is “Apaara KaruNaa Sindhum, Gnaanatham Shantha RuupiNam!” May His Blessings be on all of us! I hope Sri Sivaraman will also be able to get Dr. Bhaskaran’s Experiences with Maha Periyava and post here. Sri Bala Periyava’s Advice regarding a Doctor’s Duty is really great! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  13. Such a great experience.

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