Experiences Of Bhaghirathi Paatti

Bhaghirathi paatti has had Periyava ‘Dharisanam’ from an young age.She has performed ‘Pada Poojai’ to Periyava says that she does not need anything else having seen the ‘Jyothi’ that is Periyava.This emotional interview is presented in the same sequence as it was recorded and therefore there will be some repetitive references of her experiences

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  1. Great interview. Patti explains Periyavaa asks her to chant Shloka 27 of Saundarya Lahari –Japo Jalpahaa and offer milk naivedyam. I looked up this shloka and it brings up what a simple procedure periavaa has suggested. This shloka means what ever you do ( talking, praying eating, pooja etc) is a offering to Kamakshi. Great Shloka that can be chanted daily. The next is Thilla Homam. This is recommended for those who have pitru dosham ( severe doshams) another thing learnt in this interview.

  2. Thanks for posting this video. I am longing for a experience video.

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