Beautiful photo of Sri Pudhu Periyava


There are some photos that you can’t take your eyes off them – this is one of them – several thoughts come to your mind – His guru bakthi, His endless service to sanatana dharma in India, His compassion, His administration skills, His multi-facted skills in music, photography, languages, veda, advaita, agama, vedanta etc, this mesmerizing smile that removes all our worries and the list goes on…..

Pudhu Periyava Padham Sharanam

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  1. mahesh sir, i was able to make a digital recreation of shree chandramouleeshwara poojai done by mahaperiyava, i was wondering if you can post it here, may i have your email to send the photo, namaskaarams

  2. 🙏💐🙏💐🙏💐

  3. His Holiness smile gives energy.

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