Sri Pradosham Mama by Umesh

Thanks to Umesh for this beautiful painting of mama. I love his creative selection of the pose and fine execution of this painting. Apparently, he handed over this painting to Sri Sriram. Periyava Sharanam

Sri (Bala) Periyava Jayanthi Special

Thanks to Sudhan for the sketch and Suresh for sharing a panchakam written by someone on Sri Periyava.   *ஸ்ரீ சங்கர விஜயேந்த்ர பஞ்சகம்* நமஸ்தே ஸம்பவே துப்யம் விஜயேந்த்ர ஸ்வரூபிணே ஜ்ஞாநாநந்த ஸ்வரூபாய காமகோடீ மடாதிப நமஸ்தே$ஸ்து மஹேஸாய திவ்யபாப ப்ரஹாஸிநே அதிஸௌம்ய ஸ்வரூபாய விஜயேந்த்ராய தே… Read More ›

ஓரு விரல் சொடுக்கில் நம் விணைகளைக்களையும் வித்தகர் மதுரகாளிதாசன்

Mooka Pancha Shathi Mahimai

Thanks to Sriram from Perth to send me this beautiful photo that shows the aradhana puja of Sri Govinda Damodara Swamigal and a message from Mahaperiyava about Mooka Pancha Shathi. For non-tamil readers – keep reading Mooka Pancha Shathi 5… Read More ›

Thai Velli Periyava Collage

Should I really call out that the artist is Sudhan?! Thai Velli is so special to ambal. Let us chant whatever stuthi that we have learnt on Her to receive the blessings. Following is what Mahaperiyava said in DK. வெள்ளிக்கிழமை… Read More ›