Maha Periyava on the Significance of Ekadasi-Full Series (Gems from Deivathin Kural)

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – Last year we posted the Significance of Ekadasi chapters from Deivathin Kural Vol 3. For the convenience of all Periyava devotees below are those chapters again with translation. Click on the links below to navigate. Let’s read these chapters and spend our time tomorrow worthwhile on Narayana and Periyava Smaranam.

Many Jaya Jaya Sankara to our sathsang seva volunteer Shri ST Ravikumar for the translation. Rama Rama

1. Two Meals on Ekadasi day?

2. Why Observe Fasting?

3. Fasting in Upanishads

4. Moderate Arguments of Acharayal and Lord Krishna

5. Festivals – Pious Observances

6. Illustrious Status of Ekadasi 

7. Fasting & Working

8.  Extreme Practices of Madhwas

9. Celebrated by all classes of People

10. Names of Ekadasis

11. Let’s Attain Fulfilment


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