7. Gems from Deivathin Kural-Bhakthi-Worshiping Divine Sculptures & Ultimate Enlightenment

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara – The significance of form based worship and Bhakthi has been magnificently told by Sri Periyava. Thanks to Sri S.Ravisankar, our sathsang seva volunteer for the translation. Ram Ram மூர்த்தி வழிபாடும் முற்றிய ஞானமும் இதோ எனக்கு… Read More ›

Past, Present and Future

Quotation: ” The present trends in education and social life make one apprehensive whether the future generation of children will be able to imbibe the religious traditions of this land.” – Sri Maha Periyavaa     Notation: The present situation determines… Read More ›

Authority Corrupts

Quotation: ” Whatever may be the personal opinion of individuals in authority, they should at least not vilify the tenets of any religion, from their position as representative of the  State.” – Sri Maha Periyavaa    Notation: Personal opinion should not… Read More ›

Wealth & Invisible God

Quotation: ” Devotion is the only wealth of enduring value that we can acquire in this life.” ” God resides in everybody’s heart. But He is being pushed to the background by our selfishness and various passions.”         … Read More ›

True Bakthi

Quotation: ” When our devotion of God is motivated by a desire to secure some earthly benefit, it ceases to be real bhakthi, it becomes barter. But when our bhakthi is for our spiritual elevation, we attain the peace of… Read More ›