Preach and Practice

Quotation: ” The qualifications of an Acharya, have been laid down; he is one who teaches the meanings of Shastras, puts them into practice himself and establishes others in those achaaraas.” -Sri Maha Periyavaa

Thoughtless Mind

“The best form of meditation is to avoid thinking of anything. In the mind so kept clear, God will manifest Himself as an image in a clear mirror. Then, we will be led to the Advaitic realization of oneness of… Read More ›

Root or Fruit

Thanks to Dr AV Raghunath, KKSF for sending daily quotations of Mahaperiyava. I intend to share the same quote on a daily basis. I hope I will find time to do this. Quotation: “Dharma is the root of our religious… Read More ›

Quote of the day!

  What is sad is that the scientists who¬†discovered that matter and energy are same, have used that knowledge to make atom bombs. This disaster is the result of science having limited its knowledge of advaita to worldly matter at… Read More ›