Murthy Street W,Mambalam Periyava Anugrahams

About 2-3 years back, when my mother was hospitalized before she passed away, I wrote a post about Murthy Street Periyava’s anugraham. Here is the link ( Two days back Vignesh Kumar sent me a video of their anusham puja and towards the end, there are devotees who come and narrate about their experience on how much of a karunamurthi He is and how each devotees get their problems solved by praying to Him.

On that night I had a dream where I go to this place – there are lots of people, the building has become very old – doesn’t look newer at all…One devotee comes to me and hands over two rudrakshamalas – these malas are so old and it looks at least 75+ years old beads and he says something – dont know what. I hold the malas on my hand and go upstairs for darshan – there are so many people in there – the place looks much bigger than it is now….I do my namaskaram and when I got down the stairs I realize that I had left the rudraksha malas somewhere there – but before I want to go, looks like the doors are closed etc….

Point is not the dream – dream could be an assimilation of many thoughts etc. Point is the anugraha siddhi of Periyava and how devotees get their worries resolved – it doesn’t have to be materialistic (like college admission, etc etc) but even non-materialistic. Towards the end of this video devotees talk about their anugraha experience.

Mahaperiyava padham Sharanam

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  1. Namaskaram

    Will anyone explain the purpose of vada mala, jelebi mala etc. Thank you 🙏

  2. Mama talks with Periyava.
    His sincere prayers to Periyava for others really happens

  3. I have visited the place. Serene and holy

  4. 🙏💐🙏💐🙏💐

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