Painting experiences of Umesh

Thanks to Smt Saraswathi Thiyagarajan mami for the share. Umesh is one of my favorite artists. He is absolutely gifted and truly blessed by Periyava. I admire his creativity and presentation. As I always say although he draws 1 or 2 paintings in a year, they all are gems!  In this video, he is sharing his experiences while drawing Mahaperiyava, Sivan Sar and other paintings. After watching the video I am impressed by his fine story-telling skills too!

Thanks Umesh for all the paintings and good to know all the people who inspired you – your parents, your cousin sister etc. Big thanks to all of them.

It seems like the creator of this video has disabled embedding this video in other sites. Please watch this video in YouTube.

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  1. Periyava Sharanam

    Umesh – you don’t need me to tell you how blessed you are because Iam realising how blessed I am to have been even given this opportunity to watch this..Thank You!!!

  2. 🙏💐🙏💐🙏💐

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