108 Mahaperiyava Padhukas Poster

Thanks to Sri Chandrasekar of Indianapolis for completing this divine project he started few years back and sharing with us.

I hope you all remember a posting I made few years ago about this project. https://mahaperiyavaa.blog/2016/09/09/108-divya-darshan-of-mahaperiyava-padhukas/

Subsequently, Dr Shyamala wrote a book about these padhukas on how each devotee was blessed with padhukas – wonderful book. Mahaperiyava Padhuka Mahimaigal – Tamil Book

Recently Sri Chandrasekar met another devotee, who volunteered to make a beautiful poster out of all these photos. Here is the poster. The image I have shared is roughy 50 MB file. So anyone can print this in large size too.

Sekar – Thank you very much for completing this divine project with a fantastic poster!

Guru Padhuka Darshanam Koti Punyam!!

Periyava Padham Sharanam!

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  1. Yes I still remember that post asking our readers to send picture of Periyava Padhukas to Sri Chandrasekhar. Periyava has fulfilled Sri Chandrasekhar’s wish!!!

    Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara!!!

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