108 divya darshan of Mahaperiyava padhukas

I got to know this devotee in US few years back through the blog. As part of our regular conversations, we discussed about Periyava padhukas. At that time, he was not blessed with one. There was a longing in his heart to get one. He was blessed with padhukas darshans by other devotees bringing padhukas and doing puja at their places. After few years, he was blessed with the Holy padhukas by HH Balu Swamigal. The desire to have one must have ignited another thought in this devotee’s mind – why don’t we collect 108 padhukas photos? He reached out to me long back – I posted about this and sent few reminders.

Slowly, he was started collecting the photos and recently during our Kailash trip, he also accompanied us and then he mentioned that he got up to 95+ – still need few more to make it to 108. I requested some of the folks whom I know have padhukas – they gladly sent the photos. With Periyava’s blessings, now the count went over 108!!

I am very glad to see that this project ended well – at least from 108 perspective. I am sure he will continue more….Who knows, we may hit trisati too!!

I actually requested him to write some narration about each padhuka – when was it given, where was it given, story behind this…..This will make us see each padhuka lot more deeply than a plain look. I know he started doing this but there are other folks who shared these photos with some reservation of sharing some background, which I understand. Maybe he can find time to do this and make it more interesting…This will unfold several untold incidents about Periyava.

Doing thapas comes in different shapes and forms. Not that we all need to sit with a long beard; closed eyes to do one. This is one kind of thapas. A fire in the belly to achieve; very deep bakthi and faith on Periyava only made this possible – I am not exaggerating – I have no reason to please him by saying this! This is the fact! Let this project continue beyond 108 – if you have padhukas and want to share the photo, please send to csvenk1@hotmail.com.

Who is this devotee? Smt Lalitha and Sri Chandrasekar of Indianapolis – an amazing couple – both know none other than Kanchi Acharyas. There are certain devotees, whom I know whose bakthi to acharyas are unparalleled, which has no advertisement, no bragging – just pure bakthi. Sekar is one among them. I bow to devotees like them and hoping that my bakthi would reach that stage one day!

We will pray Kanchi Acharyas to bless this family abundantly.

On behalf of Sekar family, I thank each and every devotee who shared padhuka photos to Sekar to complete this project.

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

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  1. Maha Periva Padha Charanam…In the attached file, # 101 is JP Nagar, Bangalore Periva. In the year 2014 December month end, Periva came to our Gruham (Blessed by Sri. Balu Swamigal) and monthly Anusham @ JP Nagar, Bangalore and monthly Veda Parayanam activities are conducted with HIS grace. Kindly contact me for further details. Krishnakumar (KK) + 91 9880888223. k.krishnakumar@hpe.com.

    Veda Parayanam is conducted in each houses in Bangalore for the past one year and currently 17th batch is running. Any one is interested to know more details, kindly contact me in the above number for further guidance.

    This activity is Part of HHH Maha Periva’s “Veda Samrakshanam”, hence kindly extend your support to continue month over month.

    Recently Sri. Ganesa Sharma Mama conducted HHH Periva Padhuka pooja @ Bangalore and JP Nagar Periva also part of that occassion.

  2. really great work done! guru pathukapyam saranam pirapathiaye! Many Thanks!

  3. It’s really great work .
    jaya jaya sankara hara hara sankara….!

    I would request if any one attach 108 divine(audio) names of periyava to this video would be great .
    Please I hope i would come true .

  4. Very soothing to heart and ears. A treasure indeed. Jaya Jaya Shankara. Hara Hara Shankara.

  5. Those of us who are not blessed to have Paramacharya’s Padhuka in our homes, are truly blessed by witnessing 108+ Padhukas in one place!!! Over and above the pictures of His Padhukas, the caption and the chanting on each of them is thrilling. It is gracious of this couple to have shared it-generous heart!! Makes you feel humble!!

  6. Nothing on this earth can equal the Holy Paula of the Great Acharya. For those who have it – it is truly Maha Maha Bhaagyam. Koti Janma punyam.

    Thanks for sharing this video. This is a treasure.


  1. 108 Mahaperiyava Padhukas Poster – Sage of Kanchi

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