3 Periyava books available in US

Thanks to Kanjira Sri Ganesh Kumar for sending these books to me. He sent about 50 books of “Kanavilum Arulum Periyava”, I think 30 on “Rama Iswara Periyava” and 10 books on “Arutpamalai Pokkishangal”. Click on each image to read about my earlier posting on these books…This is for devotees in US. First come first serve….PLEASE DO NOT send me emails/whatsapp/SMS messages – too hard to coordinate with all of them. I will go only by comment section for this post. Pl enter your name, address in the comment section.

If you need these books, please let me know and I will ship it to you…I know this is a lot of work for me to do but Periyava kainkaryam and that too for Sri Pradosham mama gruham – can’t complain…..There is no set price for these books from Sri Ganesh Kumar…. I would prefer to collect $25+ for all three books…My guess is that the postage itself would be $10. Remaining $15 dollars would go towards the book..All proceedings would be sent to Sri Pradosham mama Graham…


If above button does not work, please visit www.kgpfoundation.org/support.html for payment details.

PLEASE DO NOT PAY before receiving the book as I can’t guarantee the delivery of the book as I have only 50 books.

IF this model works, I can consider getting more Periyava books….To do so, I need lot of support from publishers in India…Let us see how it goes….

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

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  1. Namaskaram,
    By any chance these books are still available? My email id 4swamiiyer@gmail.com.

    • I still have some of these books. Send me your home address. When time permits I will send this to you. Please note that I am busy and lazy at the same time. So I will mail it at my pace. Pl do t keep sending reminders 😀

  2. Dear Maheshji
    Please reserve me one set of books. My email and address details as follows
    Ravi Subramaniam
    19 golfhaven drive
    Scarborough, Ontario
    M1G 2C8

  3. I paid for the 3 books today. Hope they are still available.

  4. If I am fortunate enough I desire to have all three books, I shall transfer the money, presently staying in Houston Texas. Shall post the address on hearing from you. Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara.

  5. Hello I received the books and I have paid thru’ paypal (payment from Sheela) Thanks Nirmala

  6. Thank you so much for sending the books. Pls let me know how I should be paying for them.


  7. Thank you very much for sending the first two books. Kindly let me know how to send the money. Thanks again for the great service.

    • Yes, Thank you very much for sending the first two books. Kindly let me know how to send the money.
      Clicking on the link above does not do anything. Thanks again for the great service.

  8. Can i get all three books. Please let me know how I can get them. Thanks.

  9. I would like a set of all three books. Thanks.
    Will email my address.

  10. I am interested in all 3 books – Emailing you the address

  11. Namaskaram Mahesh,

    I would like a copy of the books. Can you please add my name to the list.

    I will send you an email with my address.


  12. Hello Sir , I would like to have these books. Please send me these books also. Please inform how can o communicate the address.


  13. Periyava Saranam.
    Reading books of periyava is like consuming sweets..never ending..pls pls forward me ummachi s books to me too!!!

  14. I have a good collection of books on PERIYAVA in Tamil.. Interested Bhaktar May collect from me in person.. FREE… HARA SANKARA KAMALA VEDANARAYANAN, PUNE 020 25822266

    • Vedanarayanan Garu, I am In Hyderabad and would like to collect your contrubution of Periva books and share them among like minded people here. Can you advice me on this? Regards

  15. Vedanarayanan from Pune.
    I have a large collection in Tamil on PERIYAVA…. IF Any one could collect from me and send to their relatives or use themselves… HARA HARA SANKARA……

  16. I am interested in a set of books.i will email the address to you.



    • I will be grateful and blessed to have Mahaperiyava’s book to my address C7-104, Cosmo City, Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam Road, Pudupakkam, Chennain – 603103. My name is Jayaraman and my mobile number is 9940649245.

  17. Please include me on the list for a set. Thank you!

  18. Please put me on the list for a set. Thank you!

  19. Please put me on the list for a set of the books. Thank you!

  20. Hi Mahesh, I Just paid via Paypal

  21. Please reserve a set for me. Kindly send your email address. Periyava Sharanam.

  22. Will like the books. As requested, will send address via email. Thank you for taking pain in doing this effort. Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

  23. Namaskaram,
    Please reserve one set of books for me, Kalpana from Savannah.

  24. Please reserve and mail me a set of all the 3 books. I am sending you an email as well. I can provide the address and payment. Thanks

  25. hi Mahesh,

    Reserve one set for me
    I stay in chicago downtown

    K. Dhandapani

  26. My email address is mk.netid@gmail.com….Pl note that I want all requests to be entered in the comment section and use the email only for the address purposes.

  27. Namaskaram,
    Please reserve one set of books for me. Kalpana from Savannah, GA. Thanks

  28. Please reserve one set of books for us. I shall come and pick them up.
    Thank you,

  29. Hello My name is sandhya subramaniam I am interested in getting the books, let me know your address so I can send you a cheque, and I will need your email please to communicate my address, Thanks., sandhya.

  30. Reserve a set of 3 books for me Sir.

    Have emailed you my address details.


  31. Hi Mahesh,

    I am interested in getting these books. Please reserve a copy for me.


  32. This is Srinivasan from Louisville, KY. Please reserve one set of books for me.


    • Srinivasan, I am Dr sundar ‘s father… I WILL try to send you a few books thru my son.
      Pleased to know your interest. Vedanarayanan

  33. Hello, I am really interested in getting these books. Please let me know your email and I shall send my address.



  1. Thayumana Mahan – Part 4 is now available in US – Sage of Kanchi

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