Sri Mahaperiyava Arutpa Pokkishangal Book

As some of you may know that Sri Pradosham mama’s father was titled “Kavi Chakravarthi” by Sri Mahaperiyava. He has composed several great poems on Periyava. Sri Krishnamoorthy also comes in the same family who has also composed lots of poems. This book is a compilation of all those poems. Amazing book –  I have scanned the “Foreword” of this book – narrating some great incidents, how Periyava asked devotees to chant some of these poems at home, how He printed these slokams and made it distributed in different occasions etc. “Vaazhiya needoozhi” is a poem that Periyava had M.S amma to sing and Sri TMS sang “Paathukitte Irukka Thonuthu”. During that occasion, Periyava asked folks to do drushti for Sri Krishnamoorthy as He himself liked those poems very much….In fact Periyava asked Sri Kumaresan mama to do nithya parayanam of “Vaazhiya needoozhi”! If you remember, a week back I posted “Thirukkovil pathigam” from this book.

This is a must-have book in every Periyava devotees’ puja room.

I am not sure if this book is available in prints. Please contact Shri Ganesh Kumar at +9884460904 / to know more. How I got this book? I went to Kumar’s house and took it from his library 🙂

If Shri Ganesh Kumar approves, then I can post the poems online for you all. Even if I post it here, it is still needed as a book with us to chant daily etc.

More than my intro, please do not miss to read this intro to know the greatness of these pathigams.

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  1. is there an english version of this book pls?

  2. kindly upload this book sir thanks

  3. Kindly send me the periava inspired poem

  4. I have chanted Maha Periyava Anthaathi, Thirukkovil Pathigam through the Sage of Kanchi blog and Paaththukkittee Irukkath Thoonuthu through Facebook inputs. Divine. It will be great to have a copy of the prayer book.Please upload this book in Sage of Kanchi and Mahaperiyavapuranam blogs for the benefit of Maha Periyava Devotees! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  5. Dear Sri Mahesh

    Blessed to read this



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