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Periyava’s incidents have been leading to several research topics! Yes, few weeks back, I was at Sri Pradosham mama’s gruham in Kanchipuram, where Sri Sriram handed me a book titled “Sri Rama Iswara Periyava” written by Smt Akila Karthikeyan. It took a while for me to open the book after I returned to US. We have been hearing so many compares Lord Rama with Sri Periyava. This book, very well written, does the same by quoting so many similarities in certain life incidents and devotees experiences that helps us to arrive at a conclusion that Periyava is Rama. So, the question that might come to someone’s mind – “do you really need a proof for this?” – well, it is not a proof, it gets more tastier when certain incidents are correlated properly. Many times when we read an incident, we do not connect the dots properly. The author does a great job here..Great job by all who were involved in bringing out this book.

This is a Tamil book – I have no idea if there are any plans to bring this out in English. Those who are interested, please contact Sriram at the number provided above. Also, I am assuming Kanjira Ganesh Kumar can also be reached out for the same at +91 98-84-460904.

As you know Sri Pradosham mama gruham does not do anything for monetary benefit – their goal is to continue and cultivate non-stop Periyava Smaranai in some shape or form. However, I would suggest you to contribute some token money for the book – all proceedings are spent on all the monthly vaideeka karmas done for Periyava anusham etc. So whatever you give goes towards Periyava event.  I hope Sri Sriram would not mind me writing this without his consent.


Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!


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  1. Dear Sir,

    I would like to know, how you find a time to do all this. Really amazing.. Periyavaa endrum vungaludan.

  2. I am uma chandrasekar staying in Canada I am a good singer I taught some suhanis soundarya lahari and shivananda lahari 100 slokas and now presently I was asked to sing for shankara jayanthi to sing about periyava pattu i was also practising for the same but suddenly on April 27 2017 I lost my hearibng in both the ears the previous night I read about the MS Amma once went for UN Concert could not sing due to throat problem and prayed periyava and she could succeed in the event I read the same in the face book somebody posted after reading that I heard the song of periyava Chandrashekaram Ashreye and slept next morning I could not here any thing till now my hearing is not yet come i don’t know what is this I took many antibiotic and steriods and now hoeopathy medicine I have to sing on June 13th for periyawal I don’t know whether I will sing or not please tell me why all these are happening dinam dinam i am sheding my tears i have full faith in periyawa please advise me what I should do. Doctors are recommeding me to go for hearing aid and head is full of sound going on tinittus MRI scan has completed report has not yet come i am very much afraid I want solace from paramacharyal. Please help me.

  3. Sir, Today I sent an amount of Rs. 10,000/-towards sani pradosha poojai on coming saturday i.e., 13th November, 2016 and also for Maha Periva Aradhana day falling on 25th December, 2016 to one Mr B V Balaji. I transferred it through to Bank of Maharashtra, T Nagar Branch Account No. 200 11172082 IFSC Code No MAHB0000450. He asked me to send my addressess details to for sending prasadam. Have I sent to the right person. Will it go to the right place. I am having all doubts after having sent the money. How do I confirm. Pl help. Thanks Jayashree

  4. I would love to have a copy of this book. However how do I pay and get one if you could give more details it will help. Thank you for sharing. Regards Arthi

  5. Dear Mr.Kannjira ganeshkumarNamaskaram.I am one of the rodent devotees of mahaperiva.I shall be obliged if you could send me a copy of this book.As a retired engineer aged 76 yrs I find solace in books.REGARDS MAHAALINGAM.S275..3rd street BABA NAGAR VILLIVAKKAM Chennai6000499962028446

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  6. Sri Mahesh I pray to Mahaperiyava deeply from my heart to bless you and your family for the service you are rendering. Reading your newsletter is my daily prayer

  7. Dear Shri.Mahesh, With due respects to the work done by the author, I would like you to consider an alternate point of view too. Rama worshipped Ishwara, therefore it would be apt to say Rama is a Maha “Periyava”. We may not be able to say Maha Periyava is ‘also’ Rama. It can also be logically challenged as sanyasis neither have rajya nor grahasthashrama .However, since Rama practiced Dharma, later attained jala samadhi to be eternally alive in the form of water cycle – therefore he is now a Maha Periyavaa. To be honest, however, Rama and Chandrasekherendra Saraswathi are inseperable as he has clarified the qualities of a Rama here:ஸ்ரீ-ராமன்/ !

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