Chronological order of Mahaperiyava Photos

It brings a great happiness and satisfaction that one of my longest dreams has come true. This one, in particular has been my dream for the past 5+ years. We have 1000s of photos of periyava – how good it would be if they all are sorted in an order starting from His jananam till mukthi?! For those who haven’t seen Periyava and wants to know how He looked in 60s, 70s etc, such an album would tremendously help. Even for elders, if they want to recollect how Periyava looked when they had their darshan, this would be a great avenue for all that….

Periyava had made this done through team, who has done an extraordinary job of taking enormous time to put a border, caption and mentioning the year in  almost 500 photos!!! Simply breathtaking to see these photos. They were so generous in sending me the entire album to be shared with our readers. My heart-felt thanks to them!

Please take a minute to appreciate the team who has done this outstanding job after enjoying the photos. Then only one can understand the effort that has gone behind this.

It is truly a divya-darshan for all of us!

In fact, I have received few requests to identify the names of the people who are with Periyava – unfortunately, I would be the wrong person to do that! Maybe someone might do that too, if Periyava wishes!!!

Thank you!

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!