My oldest dream project – yet to take off!!


We so far have seen about 1500+ unique photos of periyava in the internet starting from His school days till He attained siddhi. I have been wanting to date those photos. If we can mark the month and date, it is even great – at a minimum, we need to identify the year when they were taken.. These kind of work can only be done by senior citizens as they only can tell the incidents, events etc. If we are able to do this, it would help in creating a multi-media visuals in the future also…Also, if someone mentions a year in an interview, we can relate to how Periyava might have looked during that year….

There are so many albums in the web. Here are the albums I have. First link has about 950 photos ; second has about 250 photos….Not all are photos – some are drawing, some are screenshots, some are postcards made etc….Third album is digitally re-mastered photos from the past….There are about 250 photos…(All of them are repeat of first album). I have given it only for reference…

To begin with I guess one can navigate through each of the photo and add a comment with the year if you know for sure. In order to do this, one needs to login through their gmail account (unfortunately, this is a must!).

It is just an idea..Hope it makes sense…If you have time and patience to do this, please do this.


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  1. You are awesome…thanks a ton

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing such a treasure!!

  3. Admire your dedication and devotion

  4. It will be great if sequencing is done. It will be still great if the arrangement is evolutionary.But l know it is easier said than done.But with your zeal and vision,you will accomplish.

  5. Great idea! It would be wonderful if people can add place name for the ones they remember. Sometimes from the place name we can go back to year and vice versa.


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