Simple guru vandhanam

Thanks to Neeraja for a short and sweet dhyanam and Sudhan for an outstanding sketch. குரு வந்தனம் தவத்தால் சுடரும் இரு திரு விழியும் ஜபத்தால் ஒளிரும் திருமேனி காந்தியும் துறவால் சிறக்கும் துவராடை வாழ்வும்  அறத்தால் உயரும் தவநெறி நியமமும் சிரத்தால் கரத்தால் சமூக மேன்மையும் இருதயம் நிறைந்த… Read More ›

Periyava drawing collections from Sudhan

Although Sudhan has been sending me these drawings regularly, I was unable to post them in the same frequency he sends…Hence, here are his collections – all in one shot…. Thanks Sudhan for the wonderful drawing…Tatroopam….

Booma’s debut drawing attempt

Thanks Booma for the share….Great start….Keep drawing and keep sharing….You will have all our support and encouragement…Periyava and Sar will guide you to do more…. Wish you all the bests!  

Lalitha Trisati

Thanks to Sri Shiva for sending this great divine picture of Lalitha made of trisati….If you zoom in, you will see her trisati… Hats off to the  creator of this drawing..Must be really blessed to think of something like this……