Stunning black pen drawing of Periyava by Vijay Anand

Sri Vijay Anand has done this brilliant drawing using a black pen  – can you believe it?!!! Simply stunning!!!!! I couldnt resist sharing with you all immediately. So many talented people with great devotion and ummatchi thatha’s boundless blessings to all!!!

Vijay in his own words – “Feeling blessed! Every time I complete Maha Periyava’s portrait I get rejuvenated. That is his holiness. This is for all his believers…”

Thanks Vijay – keep drawing more!!!

Periyava Black Pen Drawing Vijay


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  1. Just got to see it now.. Awesome as usual, great piece of art! I think you poured in life to that portrait. 🙂

  2. Awesome Vijay! You are such a great artist and this is one of your superb masterpieces. I am privileged to have known you in person. Great work! 🙂

  3. Let me know anyone needs a copy of plastic laminated print (Post card size or Visiting card size), I’ll send to your address via normal post. Just let me know your options and address details.

    Periyava Sharanam

  4. Oustanding!! Prathyiksham!! I am not able to keep my eyes away!! Maha Periyava Padham Charanam!! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Thank you for all your comments and appreciations. Very motivating.
    Maha Periyava Sharanam – Vijay

  6. He is basically from Hyderabad, his contact number is +91 9866893984

  7. simply excellent!amazing! unless he has got MAHAPERIVA’S blessings this can’t be possible.HE has gone into his hand to draw HIS own portrait!.sri vijay anand is blessed!he will get MAHA PERIVA anugraham in all his efforts like this.mahaperiva tiruvadigale charanam.

  8. It really looks like black and white photo.May Periyava shower His blessings on the artist.

  9. excellent drawing. hara hara sankara jaya sankara.

  10. very realistic. thathroopam

  11. Excellent and life-like.

  12. Really Thathroopam. Great Drawing.

  13. This is, probably, the best drawing of Maha Periyava, which has appeared this forum. As close to reality as possible. Superb work worth framing. Congratulations to the artist.

  14. Simply super. We are blessed. Thank you sir.

  15. So lively. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Truely blessed and gifted soul. May MAHAPERIAVAA bless him and his family with good health, prosperity and peace of mind throughout.


  17. Excellent.. Periyava Eyes very bright and realistic…..

  18. very nice drawing ! MahaPeriava’s anugraham !

  19. One single word to describe this – AWESOME, that’s it.

  20. fantastic drawing. Great piece of painting

  21. Amazing work by Vijay!! Wow, this is one of the best portraits of Periyava drawn.


  22. WOW ,amazing.Periyava sharanam

  23. I feel it is our MahaPeriyava holding the hand of vijay Anand drew His own picture a`blessed soul he can easily meditate on Maha Periyava and get blessings No words can describe the beauty of the portrait

  24. Mahaswamigal’s blessings alone can make someone produce such realistic image of the Saint.
    Blessed person,no doubt.!

  25. Thanks Vijay for the excellent painting. God has blessed you with a great gift.
    Looks more like a graphics trick than a painting. Great talent.

  26. So Beautiful. Amazing drawing. Superb


  28. Awe struck! Stunning portrayal of Periyava . Way to go Chi.Vijay Anand and may the Almighty bless you to portray and bring to life many more Pictures of Periyava.Keep up the fabulous work going.

  29. Beautiful drawing. He has captured the deep, penetrating looks of Maha Periyava.

  30. Amazing. Speechless. Maha Periyava Charanam.

  31. One of the best ever drawings! So stunningly beautiful and lifelike! Look from any side- He is looking at you!

  32. Simply superb, unless Vijay Anand internalise Mahaperiyava this portrait would not have been possible.

    Gayathri Rajagopal

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