Collage of Periyava drawing by Sudhan

As I mentioned before, Sudhan is doing a thapas on Periyava by drawing one picture every day!!! Here are some that I have forgotten to share in the past few days….Click each of these images to admire his work…My favorite ones are where Pudhuperiyava is turning His head and japam photos!!!

Outstanding work Sudhan!



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  1. @ Mahesh and team – I guess that in this new designed website, preference is being given to the drawings instead of original photos. This is definitely has to be appreciated and welcome this idea since this will inspire more and more people to show their love and affection or bhakthi towards our Mahaperiyava in the form of drawings and paintings to comeup regularly as a treat for our eyes.

    Especially the painting of Mahaperiyava taking rest by covering a sack is really really beautiful. Who drew that and all the above photos of Sudhan are marvellous and outstanding.

    All the devotees whose drawings are being posted here are really very gifted.

  2. Amazing work by Sudhan!!


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