Updated Sagunopasanam book on Mahaperiyava


Happy Anusham to all.

I am sure you all remember a book called “Sagunopasana” compiled by Sri Ravi Venkataraman several years back and we also shared it in the blog (Click here to read). I use this book all the time for my puja and I know so many others also use this book. This book has gone through some more changes for ease of use and he shared this updated version today. I am happy to share this with you all on this anusham day.


With the most abundant and unfailing blessings of the Supreme Guru and the Supreme Person, Pujya Shri Mahaperiyava, and also with the blessings of Pujya Shri periyavAs, I am happy to announce the second release of the PujA VidhAnam (saguNopAsanA) book in Tamil and Sanskrit.

We will get that printed anyway and the printed version will be available by December.

However, we are happy to share the PDF version that can be followed by you all.

Soon to expect:
Telugu version
English Version
YouTube audio recording

Click here to download

Pujya Shri Mahapeiryava Sagunopaasana Ta-Sa R2


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  1. can u please give the sanskrit lyrics of maha swamigal astothara satha namavali and 16 ways of upasana in sanskrit please in order to pronounce correctly in pdf format please. mahesh ji please do this needful

  2. Finding difficult to download. Tried 10 times on different days. Am i the only one unable to download or others also face difficulty

    • Hari Om Sri Narayana garu

      It is perfectly working and I tried it. Pl. try to follow these steps once.

      1. Pl. after opening the page press ‘Shift+F5’ first.

      2. Then go to the sentence “Click here to download” and on the word ‘here’ press right side button mouse and select ‘Save link as’ or ‘Save As’ option to seve the file accroding your selected folder on you computer.

      * If you still face the problem kindly mail me (balaji690@yahoo.co.in) I will send the PDF to you my email. *

      Periva Sharanam!

  3. Dhanyosmi Mahesh Garu for pious service you are doing for Periva followers.

    Maha Periva Paripoorna Anugraham Sada Praptirastu!

  4. It is good that the book has been revised and republished on the occassion of the centenary of Dr. S V Radhakrishna Sastrigal

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