Mahaperiyava Sagunopasana – Must-have in your puja room


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  • Latest version (Release 2 – 10/18/23) – Click here to download

Couple of months back,  Shri Ravi Venkataraman commented in our blog that he has a book on how to do puja for Mahaperiyava. I was so curious and requested him to send me a copy. Book was promptly sent – I quickly glanced at it – it was a puja vidhanam..I didn’t read it fully. I wrote a note thanking him for sending this.

A week back, I started reading this book and ended up calling Shri Ravi and he narrated me how this book came to this shape. The entire poorvanga, utharanga puja is about Mahaperiyava. This book was fully blessed by both the Periyavas. HH Pudhu Periyava blessed with Sri Mukham. HH Balaperiyava helped Shri Ravi with a very well-known/read Ganapadigal to chant this for the audio version to benefit all of us. The entire book was proof-read/corrected by Dr Radhakrishna Sastrigal, an authority in Sanskrit and the author of HH Pudhu Periyava ashtotram.

While writing this book, Mahaperiyava came in Shri Ravi’s dream and asked  him to include anga puja to represent all chakras in our body – what a blessing! Shri Ravi is so humble that he doesn’t even want to be called as an author etc – he calls himself a mere “compiler” and leaves all the credit to none other than Mahaperiyava.

As I understand this book was distributed both in India (at our matam) and abroad and currently out of stock…Here are the links to the  audio files:

Since we have lots of devotees doing puja regularly, this book should be used to structure our puja to do it right and get the blessings.

Thank you Shri Ravi Venkataraman for your time and sending this great book.

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  1. Unable to download the audio please help.

  2. All 4 links are not downloading. Please update.

  3. Couldn’t download the audio please help.

  4. பூஜா விதானம் புக் தேவை. தயவு செய்து உதவவும். பணம் எங்கு, யாருக்கு அனுப்பனும்

    • The book is currently out of print and we are working on a second edition. However, you can download the copy from this website by clicking on Download link by finding the line “Main Puja – Listen Download”

  5. Mahesh Anna-where can i get a hard copy of the book please.

  6. Please send me link for pooja procedure

  7. Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara! The main puja link is missing . Kindly share the same. If the book is available kindly do let me know. Many thanks.

    Subramanya Balaji

  8. Mahaperiyava Kaladi Sharanam…Mahesh Ji – Mahaperiyava’s Main Puja Audio File shows error when I try to download. Can you please help me…

    I am 16 years old.I am a big devotee of periyavaa.But I am not a Brahmin.So can u say a detailed thing about how to do maha periyava pooja at home.

    • Way to go Yashwant. For a teenager, wanting to do Periyava puja is clearly a true blessing from Periyava Himself. You sure will be a role-model for other teenagers….There is no such thing called brahmins vs non-brahmins doing puja for Periyava – anyone can do. In fact, the entire procedure outlined in this book is something you can follow and do as-is.

      Keep me posted on how your puja goes….


      From: Sage of Kanchi Reply-To: Date: Sunday, February 12, 2017 at 2:44 AM To: Subject: [Sage of Kanchi] Comment: “Mahaperiyava Sagunopasana – Must-have in your puja room”

  10. Mahesh Anna, can you please upload the puja file audio? Or email me the link to

  11. Second Mp3 – Mahaperiyava Puja file is missing. Pls upload again. Thanks.

  12. can we have a copy of this book pl?


  14. 044 2434 92 16 and mobile 94440 10706 Mr. Krishna/ the shop is situated at congress bldg near kamaraj hall teynampet mount road chennai

  15. pl do get in touch with mr krishna of samata books having lots of collection of adi sankarachaarya / upanishad and more

  16. It is all the leela of nithya brindavanavasi Sri Maha Periva

  17. how do I download, Mr Mahesh? where should I right click ? Regards

  18. Dear Mahesh,

    You are doing yeomen service to our religion. God bless. Jaya Jaya Sanakara Hara Hara Sanakara.

  19. Really blessed to have this audio on mahaperiyava pooja. Thanks a lot. Namasakarams to sri Periyava to bless us all. Awaiting the pdf format

  20. Right click and save…..

  21. Blessed, we are

  22. Mahaperiyava Charanam

    There are no apt words to describe the gratitude i feel for the all the seva you are doing Maheshji. You and your family and all the volunteers who work tirelessly to bring us all these treasures, you all have Mahaperiyava’s paripoorna anugraham. These audio files are a boon given to us by Mahaperiyava. Especially someone like me who is not well versed in Sanskrit or Pooja Vidhanams.
    My humble pranaams to you all and koti koti Namaskarams to Mahaperiyava, Pudhu Periyava and Bala Periyava.

  23. Thanks a lot Mr. Mahesh. And thanks to Shri. Ravi. Regards

  24. I bought a copy of this book from Sri Matham bookstall about two years ago.the proceeds of the book priced at Rs. 250 per copy are all going to Veda Patha Saalas run by the Peetham. Now perhaps copies have gone out of stock. It is an excellent Pooja Vidhanam, Doing Pooja to Maha Periyava is nicely given in Tamil, English and Sanskrit with an accompanying CD. Maha Periyava and Periyava Ashtothrams are also given,. A great treasure to do Pooja or even to do Nitya PaaraayaNam. Thanks a lot to Sri.Ravi Venkatraman and Sri. Mahesh for uploading and sharing with devotees. Maha Periyaval’s Blessings will be showered on both of you. Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  25. Dear Mahesh,

    Fantastic book indeed, I religiously read from the book when doing pooja on Anushams. I really like how the anga pooja is “compiled ” . The ashtothra namavallai’s are very vivid and helps us visualize periyavaa very well. I suggest that people make a small donation for every download to KKSF.

  26. Simply GREAT !


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