Bakrid Qurbani Today – Massive Cow Rescue Update – 40 cows saved

Namaskaram All,

With Bakrid over this weekend, there was a great demand for cows for sacrifice. Viswanathan and myself were running around crazily and by Periyava Krupai saved as many as 40 cows/calves just over this weekend. Many of these cows were saved outside my home when I stopped the truck and bought those cows before they went to slaughterhouses. You can see in one of the videos the slaughter house truck driver is asking me to not to take picture of the truck, I did not listen to him any way.

Our Goshala has accommodated all these cows for now but several challenges with respect to rehabilitation, food, labor will start now. If you haven’t already, I kindly request you all to transfer your monthly contributions as we are running tight on several fronts. Posting a few pics below of the rescue efforts.

I reached out to Gurukataksham Trust and Sethubandanam for their help and support and they did respond swiftly by helping save all these cows. Thanks much to them without which we would have seen a trace of these precious and innocent souls. Rama Rama

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  1. Where to send contribution?

  2. Where to send contributions? Like to pay through GPay.

  3. Great noble job by the group members,le this noble work continue.

  4. Hara Hara Sankara jaya jaya sankara. Can you please share the account details to send small contribution

    • Perplexed by Ms Shanthi’s comments. Perhaps I have not understood her. Are you saying we should not save cows which are about to be slaughtered?

  5. Commendable service by the people to save cow slaughter

  6. Sorry I disagree with the writer on this. Who gave us the adhikaaraa to interfere and cause impediments to someone from other religions follow their rituals or food habits?Let him walk through the streets of Chennai to see how cows are being treated by owners themselves. Will our hindu brethren living in US dare attempt something like this there?Where has mahaperivaa told his devotees to indulge in such activities. We need to remember the Kolkana siddhar ‘s encounter with the butcher.

  7. Periva Krubai and your efforts !!!

  8. I offer my humble pranams to these people who have saved the lives of many cows. God bless them!

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