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Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara,

With reference to my post (HERE) yesterday, first let me thank all the devotees who reached to find more about our Goshala and the support options. I have posted below all the relevant details. Please share this post as much possible by clicking on the social media buttons at the bottom of the post. If you need any more information please feel to reach out to me in the e-mail address provided below ( Sri Periyava Thiruvadi Sharanam. Rama Rama

Join Hands When It Matters The Most – Save Gho Mathas for our Wellbeing and Universal Welfare

“The Central fact of Hinduism is Cow Protection. Hindus will not be judged by their tilaks, not by the correct chanting of mantras, not by their pilgrimages, not by their most punctilious observance of caste rules but by their ability to protect the cow.” – Mahatma Gandhiji

Background & Contact Info.:

Sri Periyava Kainkaryam Goshala has been established with the benign blessings of Pujyasri Maha Periyava and our Kanchi Aacharyas to provide shelter to the rescued gho mathas/calves/rishabams from slaughter houses and road accidents. These voiceless souls desperately need medical attention and a home that cares them with love and affection. We currently have around 100 Gho Mathas in our Goshala.


Goshala Address:
Sri Periyava Kainkaryam Goshala, No. 40, Uthukkadu-Kuppam Road, (near UGS Palgova company), Uthukkadu Village, Walajabad Via, Kanchipuram District – 631305.

Map Co-ordinates’49.0%22N+79%C2%B048’14.0%22E/@12.8302708,79.8016977,

Contribution Options:

Kindly request all of you to give us a helping hand in supporting this noble cause and participate in whatever way you can. Below are the list of support options. Please spread this to your family and friends as well.

Account Details for Contribution:

Indian Donors:

Dharma Sanjeevinee Bhavanam, SBI Savings A/c. No. 32626335713 & IFSC Code – SBIN0002233, State Bank of India, CPCL Branch, Manali, Chennai-600 068. In the memo, please mention ‘Gho Samrakshanam’.

US & other foreign Donors:

This link contains the contribution details as well –

“Mother Cow is the abode of all Devathas. All Gods reside in her. All Sacred Rivers are within her. She is Goddess Mahalakshmi. She is a Walking Temple. On one hand we worship Mother Cow as a deity. On the other hand, we allow her to be sent for slaughter. This hypocrisy is great blemish on all of us. Till such time we do not protect cows well until they naturally pass away, we are unfit to call ourselves Hindus”. – Pujya Sri Kanchi Maha Periyava


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  1. Are the male calves reared in the same ghoshala? What happens to them?


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