URGENT and Important appeal to help an agnihotri

As you may have noticed, I have posted many articles about various yagnams done by agnihotris and we have read several articles on how Sri Mahaperiyava and other Periyavas regard agnihotris and honor them. There are only very few agnihotris in the entire nation. Life of agnihotris are similar to life of a karma yogi.

I recently received a video of Dendukuri Sri Anjaneya Sarma and it was quite devastating to watch. Although we have heard about their family and the kind of yagnas they do, I did not realize that they are living in a very tough situation until I saw this video. It really shook me.

The video itself is self-explanatory. I talked to them and it seems that they really dont have any space except for one room where their entire family and 6 vidyarthis sleep. All the puja/homa items are stored outside and the cows are also tied outside. With recent downpour of rain, things are getting even more difficult. The day after this video was taken, the rain poured even more and they had no choice to bring the cows inside etc.

It seems that the ground next to their place is coming up for sale and mama wants to buy that land (costs roughly Rs 8-9 lakhs) and build a shed for all cows to get proper shelter etc. Clearly he needs all our help to make it happen.

I urge you all to generously support for this noble cause. I dont have to tell you how much punya one would get by supporting an agnihotri. Can I request all US donors to contribute a min of $200 towards his cause? Pl share this post to your friends and families to expand the reach. I am joining hands with Sri Sriram Raju, Sai Srinivasan etc to do our best to help this family in need.

Please visit https://kgpfoundation.org/support/ for donation details.

I am counting on each of you to help in a small way for this family.

I pray Mahaperiyava to help this family at this difficult time.

He can be reached at +91 93913 56456 / ‎+91 81252 23123

Following is his bank details:

A/C NO.: 1487155000025993

Periyava Sharanam!

P.S – When you make a comment, please be respectful in your comments as this topic is about an Agnihotri.

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  1. Periyavaa Sharanam

    May I enquire if donations are still being accepted for this family?
    Ready to contribute.

    • Periyavaa Sharanam. Small contribution made to Sri Anjaneya Sharma’s account. Please kindly update the post in case more help is required. Have setup monthly payments of Rs 10000 also for 2 years starting this month. Hope the family is able to secure the land and continue with prosperity and protection with unbroken and continued Agnihotri lineage for generations to come. Submitting this humble prayer at the feet of our Jagagurus. Please protect our motherland and protect our great Agnihotris. Let them never have to worry or be in need of anything.

  2. What’s are the duties of agnihotri?


  4. Namaskaram, Since the bank details were not shared in the post yesterday, i have transferred to Kanchi Guruparampara Foundation account, is that fine ?

  5. Hello, Could you please provide the bank account details to make the transfer?

    • given below pls. kindly spread this to many others. The number of Agnihotris are very few. It will be a great service to Veda Rakshanam if we can support them to the best of our ability and ALSO SPREAD AWARENESS AMONG OTHERS

    • Bank account details given as my reply to Sri Vijayraghavan. Requesting you all to spread this among your other group members so that this noble cause gets sizable donation.

  6. Please share account details of Sri Anjaneya Sarma

  7. Just now talked to Sri Anjaneya Sarma. He has given his bank account details and will be directly remitting to him. You have mentioned about certain foundation. What is this for – can you pls provide details. My W/App number is 9535889100. Mail id is gkailas@gmail.com

  8. Thanks for the Information. I have done my bit.
    They had also recently performed the Poundraka Yagam, I think.
    They also regularly perform the Anusha-Pooja every month and recently celebrated the Jayanthi of Jayaendra Saraswathi Swaigal.

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