Rarest Yagnam – Saagnichithya Vyudha Ekadasarathram Poundarika Mahayagnam – May 21-Jun 24

The organizers reached out to me saying that they need more support. I am posting this again to get some more attention/support from you all. Please contact the organizers and extend your support.

Periyava Sharanam!

I am very honored that I was approached by Dendukuri Brahmasri Sadasiva Ghanapathi Somayaji to share this with the blog. We all know that being a nithyagnihotri is a saint-like life with so many niyamams….From what I understood, this mahayagnam was probably done by 10-15 people in the past 100 years – rarest of the rarest. As per what I was told that the rules for this yegnam is very hard – starting from vastram, food etc.

Dates: May 21 – June 24
Place: Pattiseema Village, Godhavari Dt, AP

I encourage all of you to contribute at least Rs 1000 from every household for this as the punya we reap from our small contribution is high.

As I am not qualified enough to describe the significance of this Yaga, please read the material below to know more.

Periyava Sharanam!

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  1. Thanks ……I have contributed via net banking towards the Mahayagnam

  2. Can find just one email ID (for foreign remittances) in the entire website. Is there an email ID for Indian remittances?

    • Ram ram

      Those contributing from India can send a SMS or whatsapp msg to one of the numbers given in the invite with your details and details of your contribution.

      The organisers will acknowledge and note down your details to send prasadam.


      Ram ram

  3. The name of the Bank and the branch name may please be furnished for smooth remittance.

  4. Please arrange to send the detailed intimation by whatsapp

    • Dear Sri Tilak – I will greatly appreciate if you could call one of the numbers listed above if you need more info. or share your WhatsApp number for them to call you.

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