“Ask Sowmya to Perform As It Is” – Sri Periyava’s Reassuring Message to Smt. Sowmya Murali

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – After 2+ years of Sri Sankara Charitham drawings and audio week after week, Sowmya recollects how the entire journey has been a great Anugraham in itself. She also wants to share an experience about a reassuring message from our Periyava three years back (at the time of penciling this drawing) when her thoughts were a bit muddled based on the one of the comments to the previous week’s chapter posted HERE (the comment was made in our blog but through some other source around 3 yrs back). Though this incident happened three years back Periyava’s force pushed her to share this incident to me when this drawing was posted last week. I’m posting the drawing in limelight along with her experience in her own words below. Periyava’s Paripoorna Anugraham to you Sowmya…..

Sri Periyava Thiruvadi Sharnam. Rama Rama

Sri Periyava’s Reassuring Message by Sowmya 

This is a very special drawing. I drew this almost 3 years back. I got email from Sai Anna if I can draw for Shankara Charitham on an Anusham day. It was a blessing from Mahaperiyava on His nakshatram and was thrilled to draw Aacharyaal’s Charitham and I started drawing.

Initially I did not knew that it was for Mahaperiyava’s Shankara Charitham from Deivathin Kural. I started to draw the basic drawings starting from Aacharyaal’s parents praying to Tiruchur Vadakkunathan Swamy and temple gopuram at the backdrop. I am a great fan of Silpi ji’s drawings. In one or two of his temple drawings, Shivalingam will be shown projected with the temple background. I got inspired and drew this picture. (I have recently added Periyava as I do for all the Charitham drawings).Took a pic and sent it to my two three close relatives and friends.

I got good comments. But one comment was like ‘why did u draw the Swamy outside the temple premises. Swamy should be inside’. I started wondering whether what I drew is right and should I redraw again the whole. I got confused and kept pondering over it.

Next day morning I got a call from one of my friends saying she got a dream in the early morning. In her dream Mahaperiyava told her ‘Sowmyavai apdiye perform panna sollu (Ask Sowmya to perform as it is)’. I was first surprised and happy to hear that Mahaperiyava mentioned my name. First it did not strike me that Periyava was talking about the drawing. Later when I figured out that Periyava gave consent to what I drew I realised ‘How blessed I am’.

I was reassured that Periyava has given me this task. Many times I have felt that it is not me but Periyava is drawing this. He always gives an answer wherever I get stuck.

Sarvam Sri Gurudevatarpanam asthu 🙏

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  2. you are really blessed

  3. How very much blessed Sowmya is! She shared this dream with me, actually I wanted to post in Facebook but without her permission didn’t want to do.
    Periyava kataksham paripoornam !!

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