Ghatam Vidwan Sri Subash Chandran mama passed away


I am literally shocked and saddened to the core to hear that mama passed away yesterday India night – I am still awaiting more details. IT seems that he passed away on Maha Anusham day. It is so heart-breaking for me.

It was Mahaperiyava who introduced me to mama and made him come and stay with us for 4 days in Chicago and teach us all on how to do Mahaperiyava bakthi – literally from scratch! I have not seen anyone as kind and nice like mama – he had a special love and affection for me. He was always calling me “Mahesh Sir” despite my sincere requests not to address me that way. I think it was his way of showing his affection. He was probably the most flexible and accommodative persons I have known of. He will always be conscious that he should not be of any disturbance to others. Last time I saw him was in Jan when he came to my house in W.Mambalam to enquire about my mother’s passing away. I still couldn’t believe the news.

His contribution to Orikkai Manimandapam is enormous – been through all the hard times until kumbabishekam was done. His bakthi towards his “anna” Sri Pradosham mama is beyond words. I can keep on writing about how great mama is and particularly to me.

I don’t have even an iota of doubt that mama is at the holy feet of Mahaperiyava now!

here is a post from the past on mama and his casual video interview with a small set of Chicago devotees.

Our namaskaram to this great soul and deepest sympathies to all his family members.

Om Shanthi!

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  1. Om Shanthi

    Jaya Jaya Sankara, Hara Hara Sankara..

  2. One can see a Maruthi van with Sri. T H S name written in big letters with Kanchi Periyavals picture, and a smiling THS sir inside it. I have seen and waved at him on occasions, A great tala,ghatam, konnakkol vidwan FROM the famous Thethakudi family. Ardent devotees of Kanchi mutt and Acharyas Great loss to the carnatic and BHAKTHI MOVEMENT. Pray God to give strength to all asthikas to over come the present mindset and pray sincerely on God to give remedy and peace of mind to all in the universe. Pray to the great Acharyals and Mahatmas of Bharatha desa.Om shanthi.

  3. Shocked to hear the news and only consolation was that he passed away on Maha Anusham day and so he is totally absorbed with Maha Periyava .Last few days I was learning the Thevaram Hymn “Ithanai Yamatri” usng the video posted by Sri Mahesh with Sri Subash Mama leading the Chant and now hearing this sad news .Periyava Padama Saranam

  4. It is unbelievable that Ghatam Vidwan Sri Subhash Chandra Mama passed away suddenly.

    I had opportunity to meet him at my house in Chennai when he came to convey his condolences to Mahesh and to me on the passing away of my wife in January this year. He was a great devotee of MAHA PERIAVAA, very soft and a lovable person, a great Vidwan, quite unassuming and simple.

    We have lost a great Vidwan Artist. My condolences to his family members.

    (Father of Mahesh)

  5. May his soul rest with Almighty. Deep condolances

  6. A great soul reached the lotus feet of the Creator. It is heartening to note that he passed away on Anusham day,

  7. எங்கள் இரங்கலைத் தெரிவித்துக் கொள்கிறேன். அவர் தம் குடும்பத்திற்கு எங்கள் ஆறுதலை
    மகா periavaa துணை.

  8. Yes I too met him in SRI PRADOSHAM MAMA’S house a few years back and was blessed to be in his company for an hour or so.
    He was much much blessed by MAHA PERIYAVA.
    A great devotee indeed.
    Om Shanthi.

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