Ghatam Vidwan Shri Subash Mama in Chicago


This video was taken during mama’s stay in Chicago at my place for few days….Some of the incidents is a repeat from his original interview given to Shivaraman – yet it is always a pleasure to hear mama talking with devotion. Sorry for the shake in the video – I originally put the tripod etc – mama started feeling uncomfortable– so, I held it in my hand….On the other video, it was after his performance he gave at my place to Chicagoland devotees….

On that night, Ganesh, mama’s son Krishna, myself and my wife was talking late about music etc. Since it was getting late mama went to bed around 10.30 or so….We were talking till midnight ….While we were talking about Periyava, suddenly we heard mama’s voice from upstairs started narrating another incident.  I was surprised….Although he was sleeping and he woke up to use the bathroom; the moment he heard us talking about Periyava, he couldn’t resist and participated in that conversation even if it is midnight… True example of someone who is always thinking about Periyava…


 Enclosed are the photos of him in my puja room….He does puja to Periyava no matter where he stays – be it a hotel or someplace….Last week, when I was talking to Shri Ganesha Sharma and told him that Subhash mama stayed in my place etc, he told me “Subash mama is a suddha atma” – how true! We felt truly blessed to have mama and his family with us….

He also shared what Sri Pradosham mama taught them. In the mornings, waking up Periyava with Thotakashtakam, Karaavalambam stotram (I will share the tamil text later) and போற்றியென் வாழ்முத லாகிய பொருளே. He also suggested these from thevaram:

  • திருக்கருகாவூர்– அதிசயம் நடக்க
  • திருப்புகலூர்/ திருஒணகாந்தன்தளி– பொன், பொருள்கிடைக்க
  • திருதுரித்தியும் திருவேள்விக்குடியும் – வியாதிகள் வராமல் இருக்க
  • திருக்கழிப்பாலை – முன் செய்த பாவம் போக
  • திருநெடுங்களம் – தடங்கல் விலக

Above thevaram texts are available everywhere in the net – look at

Enjoy the video

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  1. Hello Mahesh,

    Thanks for sharing this. Can you please post Karaavalambam stotram?

  2. wonderful 🙂 LIke Subhash Mama said, we can feel HIM as we wish.. Today while eating, i was feeling bad that i’m not following madi and all to offer HIM. Got a reply.

  3. Mahesh, nice to see your Pooja room and also the pooja done by Sri Subhash.
    This episode clearly and emphatically depicts that pure Bhakthi supersedes the process and procedures.
    Incidentally, I am happy to see my Brother Sankar in this. Despite he was not well, he attended this, else he would have missed a good opportutnity.

  4. Not working at all.


  1. Ghatam Vidwan Sri Subash Chandran mama passed away – Sage of Kanchi

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