Massive Rescue Operation @ Dreaded Marakkanam – 28 Native Breed Cows Saved

First and foremost many thanks to Sri Periyava Thiruvadi and for the kind contributions from Shri Bhagirath Gopinath, Smt. Avantika Avardhan, Shri Parankusam Ramaswamy, Smt. Archana Kumar, Shri Jayakumar Subramanian, Shri Ishwar Viswanthan, Smt. Gayathri Chakravarthy, Smt. Usha Venkateswaran, Shri Sureshbabu Govindasamy, Shri. Prakash Krishnamurthy, Shri Karthikeyan Neelakanta, Smt. Bhanu Hedge, Smt. Pabbati Vandana, Smt. Gowrish Jagganath for their kind contributions through which could save these Gho Mathas and Rishabams. For contributing to our cow rescue efforts please click HERE for account details.


Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – I have mentioned before how Marakkanam is a hell for cows in my previous rescue posts HERE and HERE. With illegal slaughter houses almost every 200 meters in this area it is just a matter of time before any cow that is born here gets into the hands to butcher facing a horrific death. The pity is so many healthy, young and beautiful cows/rishabams are taken for slaughter just because the owner has a monetary need. I have established a contact in Marakkanam who updates which cows are lined-up for slaughter that week so I could talk and buy and those cows. This way, by Sri Periyava Anugraham, managed to save 28 cows over the past couple of weeks in two separate rescue operations. One on Feb 4 and another last Saturday on Feb 15. The rescue operation of Feb 15 started around noon and could get completed only the following morning at 3AM. While driving back home, in the wee hours, I saw many cows tied in the roadside for Sunday massacre which caused a lot of heartbreak but consoled myself this is the best I could do at this point of time.

Good news is that my cow contact, is telling me now that the butchers have stopped coming to this area but going to other nearby neighborhoods for getting the cows. They are also getting a bit grumpy as well about our repeated rescues which is affecting their business. Well, we can expand on our rescue operations to other areas if more people can join and continue to support this noble and compassionate cause. There are a few people who are sincerely and dedicatedly contributing every month but I wish and pray the contributors base increase so we can save more lives.

Hired two big lorries and all the cows are now safely now in a farm house in Tirunelveli (my close contact) and the other set of cows in Sri Onkar Gosala, Bangalore. Pics below. While there are many pictures posted I want to call out one of them (the picture right below). This is when the butcher and my cow contact went at the same time to see the cow (accidentally). Upon smelling the slaughter guy the cow really panicked. (yes, they can smell blood and danger but can’t express their thoughts). Please see the extreme fear in the eyes and also the other cows below which will show you the difference very clearly. Imagine what every cow goes through in Slaughter house where many cows are killed right in front of them and their turn also finally comes. 



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  1. very noble cause indeed. Just now I transferred Rs.1000/- as my humble contribution and sent the details as advised to the email id mentioned.

  2. By Periyava’s grace I am able to contribute Rs1,001/- every month since last one year. But I am lazy enough to follow it up with an email to you, is it necessary ?? as I don’t need any acknowledgement or receipt, Mere
    satisfaction of doing some thing from my side is enough for me.
    Jaya Jaya Sankara ! Hara Hara Sankara!

  3. Cannot see account details for contributions VK Vasudevan

  4. Commend you efforts to save Go Mathas and Rishabams from slaughter. Very noble indeed. May Periyava shower you with his blessings. Would like to contribute monthly for this. The link to the account details is not opening the page. Please can you provide me the account details. Thank you.
    Meena – Hyderabad

  5. Sent some money but haven’t seen any acknowledge ment

    • Namaskaram,

      Thank you for the contribution. As I mention in every cow rescue post, did you send an e-mail to mentioning ‘Cow Rescue’ in the subject line with details of your transaction?

      This is the only way for me to know about any contributions that are received for cow rescue. I have been responding to all the contributions made so far. Please let me know the details for tracking purposes. Rama Rama

  6. Well done Sai. You proved to be an ardent devotee of Maha Swamy! March ahead Sai.!!!

  7. Kanchi mutt Madurai has recent established a Goshala in Sholavandan where presently five cows are lodged.In case of space constraints you can contact us
    Sundar,Secy Arimugam

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