Rescue Operation @ Marakkanam and the gory scenes that followed….

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara,

Had to get on an emergency rescue operation in a small coastal town called Marakkanam near Pondicherry. There were two Gho Mathas and three Rishabams, all pure native breed cows. Lot of pressure to sell these cows to slaughter house for the last Sunday slaughter market. I tried blocking the sale by paying an advance but the cow needed to be taken before Sunday morning 7am as owner has little control over the cows. It seems the owner has borrowed some debt to be paid to one of the brokers and there is quite a bit of heat to sell the cows to him or pay the debt back. Started around Saturday midnight from Chennai and boarded the cows in our truck in the early hours on Sunday morning. Transported them safely to Shri Shivarpanam Trust Gosala started by Auditor Shri Chandramouli Mama, in Uthiramerur near Kanchipuram. By Sri Periyava’s grace the rescue itself went well.

Marakkanam and its Suburbs – A Hell for Gho Mathas

After boarding the cows from the owners home and turning onto the ECR road, the sights I witnessed in Marakkanam and its suburbs in the early hours of Sunday were absolutely gruesome and horrific to say the least. All long the ECR stretch and en route to Uthiramerur via Cheyur Vandavasi road, I witnessed some stunning and gory blood spattered scenes on the roadsides every half a kilometer. There were at-least thirty (30) places I saw cows getting killed live with people watching and other cows tied just next to them watching and trembling with tons of fear in their eyes. I have not watched any cows getting killed live except for few you tube videos and these sights were horrific and so sickening for me to take. They cut cows right on edge of the roadsides and in front of homes and do not have a roof or a tarpaulin. It is all very open and visible. They commit these gruesome atrocities so openly that it was really that unbelievable. What was even more striking was I did not even see any vegetables shop or even chicken/meat stall. It was pure cow slaughtering all along the way.

When I saw the first instance of live cow slaughtering I jumped out of my truck to talk to the slaughter guy to sell it to me. Immediately I realized, my truck was packed with 5 cows and did not have space to accommodate any more.  I was also told that they won’t sell these cows even if you give them money as they have existing commitments and orders to fulfill. The bloody cruelty was unbelievable that I pinched myself to see what I’m witnessing was real or did I come to some other world. Totally shocked I witnessed all these gory scenes all along the way (as I said around 30 places, in front of homes, etc.) till I reached Uthiramerur.  By the time I came back home on Sunday afternoon my body and brain were scrambled and exhausted.

By HIS grace atleast we could save those five priceless noble souls over the weekend which was a consolation. Sri Periyava Thiruvadi Sharanam. Rama Rama

Help I Need from Readers

I know the permanent solution to this which Periyava has told this in Deivathin Kural which will take time to implement. I will work on that but need help from readers on an interim solution to stop these brutal atrocities.

Apart from contributing financially, if someone can help on the legal options, whom should we report to it will be very helpful. Need a short term fix ASAP. It happens every Sunday morning from 3AM till 9AM on ECR roadsides where so many cows are brutally massacred. With a festival underway and with not much graze/water to nurture the cow, owners sell a lot of cows to butchers. I kindly request interested devotees to research with legal experts and suggest options to stop this extreme baloney. Even if we cannot stop them let us at-least make life hard for them. Right now, they have it way too easy. Marakkanam and its suburbs are truly a nightmare for the Cows.

Please write your suggestions to

Pure Native Breed Cows @ Owners home


Cows Onboaded in the truck to be transported to Shri Sivarapanam Gosala in Uthiramerur near Kanchipuram

Cows in Shri Sivarpanam Gosala in Uthiramerur

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  1. Sir, my name is venkataramani. I am from Pondicherry, I can try to save a couple of cows and donate them to go shallas run at pondicherry/Sri Mutt, Kanchipuram. Need your contact number sir. my mail id is

  2. Just shared Rs.10008. Sharing here so that all of us can get inspired to serve Sri Periva, like how I saw the previous comments

  3. Jaya jaya Sanakara Hara hara Sankara. Janakiraman. Nagapattinam

  4. Dear Sai Srinivasan Sir,
    I have just ordered Vaikol for 10 to 15 cows as an immediate requirement & he would advise tomorrow .Tomorrow our farm person will start working on making extension of the shed . I told dedicate 3 acres for grass cultivation . I am happy to take part on this true initiative. we should rescue all those and make it un available for those animal eaters….

  5. I could take several cows to my farm in Thanjavur . How to reach out to them ? Means the sellers

    This is horrible to know cows are killed openly


    • Sir,

      Please provide me your e-mail. You don’t have to reach out to anyone. I will reach out to you. I’m working on getting some cow brokers who sells these cows to slaughter men. We will the buys cows and give it you so you can have it in your farm house. We really need farmhouses like you own so we can save more of these innocent lives. Thanks. Rama Rama

      • Sir, My name is Sethu,Living in Singapore – My wife Uma, is Sri Srikandan mama’s sister’s daughter (Periyava’s anukkath thondar). I have 20 acres of land in the village near peravurani -After the gaja hit all trees gone in my thoppu- I feel there is a reason for that, Mahaperiyava is sending me the cows to my farm . I will arrange a man who will take care of daily routines of these cows and promise will keep until it naturally pass their life.

        I visit my farm frequently and growing paddy and pulses organically to support my farm labor families as my forefathers kept the land for several years. Now these family be happy they have to take care of cows and bulls.Before sending, please mail me- I will quickly prepare them and needy fodders (vaikal etc)

        The place name is Marungappallam (Known as Marunthuppallam – the lord Shiva – Oushadhapuriswar built by Rajaraja chola and modified by Sharaboji. . a divine place.

        my email id is

        Namaskarams and thanks for saving cows.


  6. Kindly give me your account number. I shall deposit a sum of Rs.1000/- into it. I shall try to do this every month. What can I do beyond that? I wish I was living in a village, at least I could take care of 3-4 cows in my kollai. Living in a Town, in an apartment, I am helpless. My blood boils, my body trembles. But what can I do beyond that? What a wretched janma is mine!


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