An Amazing Reunion and a Devastating End – Key Takeaways….

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – I left a question mark at the end of the post HERE on the key takeaways of this gory incident. One is to state the obvious, ensure the cows are safely transported by making sure the truck floor has enough traction so the cow does not slip.

The most important key takeaway which I found that not many experienced cow experts or rescuers were not even aware of is the importance of having a cow lifting equipment available at all times in the Gosalas and veterinary hospitals. We need to remember if a cow cannot get up, whatever the reason it may be, then it is a matter of time before it passes away. It need not be only due to an accident, may be due to sickness, old age, etc. In this process of running from pillar to post I found that Gosalas were using manual intensive ways to lift the cows which means employment of more labor, iron rods, gunny bags (makeshift equivalent of teflon clothing), etc and painfully lifting the cow in iron rods and standing for hours together with laborers taking turns.

With so much mechanical and technological advancement we certainly can do much better in this area. Humans have all kinds of beds, sofas, couches, specially designed chairs, recliners, head and hand rest, tailor made equipment for different parts of the body but unfortunately not much for Mother Cow, at-least in Bharatham. This is what I found in prominent animal care centres like Blue Cross, Veppery Veterinary hospital, popular gosalas, etc. Dr. Sadhana Rao Amma had to resort to these manual intensive methods as well but Mother Cow did not last long and passed away in a few hours.

As I had mentioned in the previous post, the cow lifting equipment I ordered from a manufacturer in Erode arrived over the next 3 days (Please note I did not use any of the cow rescue funds contribution for this, though it may seem fittingly to do so) and I gave it to Dr. Sadhana Rao Gosala. Concurrently, I discussed the importance of having this equipment with like minded Periyava devotees and service minded people; quickly we mobilized funds and placed an order for eight equipments to be given across many gosalas that have a lot of cows but did not have this equipment. So far we have given 8 equipments across many Gosalas (2 equipments to Blue Cross, 2 to Sri Shivarpanam Gosala, 1 to Dr Sadhana Rao Gosala, 2 to Sri Jayam Gosala, 1 to Sri Gokula Krishna Gosala.)

The feedback on this equipment from the Gosalas were immense. Every week I get at-least one ping on my WhatsApp from one of the above mentioned Gosalas where injured/sick/old cows are put on this equipment and get treated. The owner of Jayam Gosala (in Mayiladurthurai) effuses praise on this equipment and says it has saved at-least half a dozen ghomatha lives in his Gosala, reduced the stress on them as well their staff immensely. This equipment costs Rs. 30k and is a one time investment. Some of my friends children put away with their birthday celebrations and contributed for this noble cause. I’m not posting this here to ask for money but for all of us to be aware of the importance of this equipment and give it in needy and genuine gosalas wherever they are.

It is indeed heartening and emotional that a voiceless Gho Matha has sacrificed her life and in the process have opened my eyes which helped save many gho mathas in the past few months. I’m posting a few pictures/video clips from Blue Cross and Gosalas so we are all aware of the invaluable productivity of this amazing equipment. Let us pray to Periyava that this should be last incident of this sort and provide this cow lifting equipment to Gosalas all over Bharatham as it will help save many Gho Mathas lives.

Shri Periyava Thiruvadi Sharanam. Rama Rama

Injured Gho Matha in Blue Cross put in Cow lifting equipment and receiving treatment – Started walking after not being able to get up.

Several Injured/Old Gho Mathas across many Gosalas receiving treatment with the help of Cow lifting equipment

Injured Gho Matha completely recovered with the help of the equipment and fit again

Cow lifting Equipment in Pictures

Cow lifting Equipment ready to be delivered to needy Gosalas

Cow lifting equipment demo




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  1. Greetings from Panchavadi Gosala. We in our goshala too face this problem for lifting the injured cattles. Can the machine be arranged for us too?

  2. Wonderful service. Hats off to the considerate people…

    Just a thought. Is it possible to have these equipment like an ambulance service or fire service, so that one can take it to where there is a need…this might be more affordable than having dedicated machines in every ghoshala. At least till all gho shalas get such equipment.

  3. Please check with namakal veterinary hospital. They have wonderful facilities as noticed first hand by my parents when our own cow was operated.. May be we take a leaf or two on how they handle and pass on the wisdom to goshalas..

  4. Keep up the good work

  5. Great efforts by noble souls.


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