An Amazing Reunion and a Devastating End!!

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – How much ever we wish, not every thing in life ends in a fairy tale. It is indeed extremely unfortunate one of the cow rescues ended up that way. Most of the cow rescues are very painful and some even more so that they leave a lasting impact and a deep scar in our hearts. I’m going to narrate one such incident that I was involved in few months back. It is slightly a lengthy post where I have to tried to describe my emotions and happenings. Whatever I have written is grossly understated as words can only bring out so much of what I went through and still going through. Not a day passes without me thinking about Mother Cow and Infant Paramasivam on that fateful day. Sharing with you to let you all know so there are always lessons learned in these kind of situations which I will share shortly as well.

Not for a minute think she is a cross breed and dismiss it. I have seen many cow lovers reacting this way but the radiance and divinity that Mother Cow and Infant Paramasivam emanated few minutes before she slipped and fell inside the truck made me a very firm believer that it is indeed Periyava who showed me this very rare darshan. Normally I don’t share my personal experiences but in this case we as Periyava devotees should show utmost care and respect for every jeevan which is created by Sakshat Periyava himself. There is a whole lot happened in those three days but I have tried to keep it brief and to the point. Absolutely heartbreaking and tears pour down as I pen this down…. Sri Periyava Thiruvadi Sharanam. Rama Rama


Cow Rescue – An everlasting excruciating experience 

Few months back, I was informed there is a cow coming up for sale to slaughter as she is milking only around 3.5 litres a day. This cow along with her 2 month calf was purchased just couple of days back from Utthangarai Sandhai near Salem. She along with her calf traveled for around 400 kms all the way from the Utthangarai to Chennai. It is the same cow dealer whom we rescued a cow few months back which I posted in the blog HERE (the cow crying without its calf). I asked him where her calf is. He told me the calf (male) is 2 months old has been separated and taken by one of his known contacts and will be sold to veal market for slaughter.

I told him I cannot buy the cow separately as it will be Maha Paapam on my part to have played a role in separating the mother and child. I also told him about the Maha Paapam he is committing as well; offered to pay something more if he can somehow get the calf back from his contact. Taken aback and also motivated by more money he called his contact but it seemed the contact had hand-passed the calf to someone else. After the whole of afternoon with multiple follow-ups he managed to find the whereabouts of the calf. Luckily he was still alive but in a very risky place about to be taken by the butcher. Somehow he convinced his contact and got the calf back. The calf was in other part of the Chennai and was transported back and had a great re-union with his mother.

While all this drama was going on in one side, Mother cow was very restless and crying ‘Amma’, ‘Amma’ searching for her calf. Remember the place is also new for her as she and her son just came couple of days back from Utthangarai village. She was roaming around her looking for her son refusing to eat or drink anything. Finally around 7PM today the calf came back in an auto and was united with her mother. The re-union was such a great sight in itself but I was not aware that is going to be very short-lived. I did not want to take any more risks, went to his place bought the cow and calf and closed the deal.

The plan was to keep the cow and calf close to my place with a trusted milk man for a few days, get them rested since they had traveled from a Sandhai (market) near Salem for around 400kms and safely hand over them to Dr Sadhana Rao’s Gosala.

Normally we put gunny bags, hay stack, tie the cow closely to the side rod, etc. on the truck so the cow has grip while she is travelling. Remember, the truck’s ground surface are made of steel which is pretty smooth and does not provide the much needed traction to the cows while standing. Typically, the hay stack is provided by the seller when he sells the cow. The seller did not have any hay or gunny bags. Since the distance to my home was pretty short (around 5kms) we thought we would start with me riding on my two wheeler following the truck keeping an eye on the cow and calf. As soon as the truck slowly started the cow kind of lost its balance and I immediately asked the driver to stop and told him if we can make the cow sit and then start again. The driver along with his friend who is also an experienced milk man told it is not an issue at all as the cow will sit automatically if it cannot stand and said we can proceed. I took his word and we started again. It was a bit late in the night and we started with no traffic at all and the drive was pretty smooth and slow. I was following from behind enjoying the site of the beautiful cow and calf which just had a re-union few hours back. The sight of cow and calf standing was such a joy to watch that I wanted to take a picture but since I was driving I refrained. Little did I know at that time I will never get to see that beautiful moment in my lifetime again. There was a small turn where the truck turned slowly and the cow slipped and sat down on the floor of the truck. I stopped the driver and told him the cow has sat and he said that is fine and not to worry. We reached the milkman’s place near my home and tried to get the cow off the truck but she would not get up. We initially thought it is a new place and she is scared but when she boarded the truck she boarded effortlessly almost on her own. The milk man said the cow may have sprained her leg and she will be fine in the morning. With the help of a few more folks we lifted her up and kept in the milk man’s shed. Though she could not get up, she looked fit, ate grass/hay stack with her son (I call him Infant Paramasivam, 2 months old) alongside her. We said let her take rest and we will meet in the morning.

The next day morning I was up at 5 AM and called the milk man to check on the status of the cow but he did not answer the phone. His home is pretty close to my place so I took my bike and went to see him. He had gone out to supply milk but what shocked me was the cow was sitting in the same place we dropped last light with no sign of standing up. Infant Paramasivam was tilting his head and was drinking milk from her udder. I immediately called the Vet who said he will be there within an hour. In the meanwhile the milk man came and mentioned the cow had been trying to get up from early hours of morning but could not get up. Parallely I started calling my Ghosala contacts and explained about the issue. In the meanwhile the vet came, examined the cow and mentioned the cow has suffered pelvic dislocation. They call it in local slang as ‘Jabbai Kazhanduduthu’. What has happened was the cow when it fell slipped inside the truck did not slip normally but both her back legs were split apart and she fell down which resulted in pelvic dislocation. He told me with the chances of the cow surviving is very slim. I was stunned and started looking for options to save the cow’s life.

Long story short, the next three days were absolute nightmare for me trying to save the cow by various means. To put it in perspective these were the ‘THREE BUSIEST DAYS’ that I could ever remember in my life. I have never been this busy neither during my school/college/work/marriage/when my sons were born. Took off from work and ran from pillar to post looking for options to save the cow. The one glaring thing that was missing was an equipment to make the cow stand-up. There are a few cow lifting manufacturers in North India but the shipping time was almost a month. Finally found, a local manufacturer in Erode and the shipping time was 2-3 days. I immediately ordered it. In the next couple of hours I transported the Cow from Milkman’s home to Blue Cross in Velachery where there are experienced doctors capable of treating injured cows (that is what Blue Cross primarily does), however they did not have a cow lifting equipment either. The cow and infant Paramasivam stayed there for couple of days. Self and like minded friends visited Blue cross and kept checking on them. The prognosis of the Chief doctor was not good at all and he asked me if he can euthanize the cow. I said that is not happening and asked him to discharge the cow/calf and took them to Dr. Sadhana Rao Ghosala in Venkatapuram. Upon reaching Venkatapuram in the afternoon, Amma (Dr. Sadhana Rao) started talking to the cow. Mother Cow tried to muster all her strength to get up but in vain. All these sights were just getting unbearable for me. Since I was mentally and physically fatigued, I took leave from Amma and Mother Cow. Before leaving, I pleaded and apologized to Mother Cow on what has happened to her. Came back home around 10Pm.

Next day morning, I got a call from from my contact stating that Mother Cow passed away leaving her son infant Paramasivam behind. Apparently after I left the previous night, Mother Cow tried to get up few times but could not; she also had suffered internal haemorrhage. Dr. Sadhana Rao, with her experience, realized that the Cow is in her final moments, called all her Gosala staff to assemble around the cow and started chanting Panchaksharam (Om Namashivaya) so Mother Cow passes away smoothly. She did pass away with her son infant Paramasivam looking at her standing by her side. When I heard the news I was devastated beyond words and was so blank. All it took was less than three days from the time of injury for Mother cow to pass away. Infant Paramsivam found a surrogate mother to feed him and Amma took special care and he is doing pretty good now. As I mentioned above,  Infant Paramasivam was almost gone when we rescued back from the jaws of death. Mother Cow who was restless and shouting all day without her son finally got him back hugging and licking him but the happiness did not last long. It goes to show what kind of a world we live and how unpredictable our lives are.

I will share the lessons learned and how Periyava has opened my eyes through this incident. Will share that shortly. Rama Rama

Below are the chronology of events of this cow rescue incident unfolded.

1. Mother and Infant Paramasivam arrived in Chennai from Utthangarai Market. Infant Paramasivam separated from Mother Cow and sent to Veal market right-away

2. Mother and Infant Paramasivam Reunion picture (See the love the voiceless souls have for each other)

3. Must Watch Video Clip – Mother and Infant Paramasivam Reunion Video

4. Mother Cow in Milkman home with pelvic dislocation next day morning

5. Mother cow and Infant Paramasivam transported to Blue Cross

6. Mother Cow in Blue Cross with her health deteoriating slowly since she could not get up.

7. Trying to surive, Mother Cow having her last meal in Blue Cross

8. Mother Cow and Infant Paramsivam arrive at Dr. Sadhana Rao Gosala. Mother Cow trying in vain to get up but could not. Infant Paramasivam looking at his mother unaware of what is happening.

9. Mother Cow Passing Away with Infant Paramsivam by her side

10. Infant Paramasivam in Dr. Sadhana Rao Gosala – A few days after Mother Cow’s passing away when I went there.

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  1. I am in tears .God bless you

  2. Very sad to hear this. No words of appreciation is enough to describe your wonderful service in rescuing the cows. I have a small suggestion. This type of injury of pelvic dislocation could have happened to many cows upon transportation. My mind immediately thought about Madras Veterinary College at Veppery where senior doctors could have handled such ailments. Atleast this subject can be discussed with them and it will be helpful for future references and treatment , if required. Thanks.

    • I did check with Veppery Veterinary college and got a very negative response plus they did not have any equipment to even lift the cow. Many experienced vets suggested Blue Cross is much better in that aspect. Also, I get a lot of feedback directly from my known contacts who have taken their cows for treament to Veppery; doesn’t augment well for Vepery Veterniary college’s credibility. Rama Rama

  3. Sir, I would like to reach you. Could you please let me know?
    All glories to the lotus feet of Mahaperiyavaa!!

  4. Ram Ram. Having born in a village amidst cows, I know the pain. You did your best Sir. You are a true human. May Go Matha’s blessings be with you and your family. Pray Gurunatha for continuance of your kind service,

  5. Heart wrenching… sir you have done an amazing sevai for the mother cow….saved it from the butcher
    Baby calf too saved and united with mother
    Our 🙏🙏 to you on this noble service

    Would like to have more details of Cow rescue so that we could also be of some help in this noble mission

    Jaya jaya shankara hara hara shankara 🙏

  6. While birth and death are unstoppable, your efforts were immense to get the cow and calf together. When will we start treating the cows like mother…..

  7. This is really very sad Sai! I’m speechless.

  8. Sorry for the mother cow’s death,sir,one small suggestion is we should have contact nos of multiple vets,Atleast we can make a call during such emergency situations,vets who can volunteer for this noble work.Thanks

    • Thanks for the suggestion. In this case, as you see it is not about the non availability of a vet. He came in early in the dawn and did whatever he could. I also have multiple vets number handy with me including Blue Cross higher officials. For this one the lessons learnt is something else which I will post shortly. Rama Rama


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