Periyava in Singapore

During my India trip, I made a last minute plan to Singapore and spent 2 days there. While driving from airport to hotel, first glimpse of Mahaperiyava was seen on the name board in one of the shops- I think it was a travel agency and their name boards can be seen straight from the road. I didn’t have the time to quickly grab the phone to shoot the picture.

As many of you know there are two popular shops in Singapore – Mustafa and Hanifa Textiles. While wandering on the roads outside Hanifa textiles, we decided to hop-in as I have heard the name for a very long time. I was surprised to see this photo right at the entrance of the store by cash/billing counter.

Every time I see this photo, I get upset as this is so wrong to depict that Periyava is beyond religion. When all our Hindu friends are blindly sharing this photo in social media, how can I go and tell a Muslim friend to fix this? By doing this, there is a good chance that they might even remove that photo. So I didn’t say anything. Let Periyava bless that store also.

My good friend, Seetharaman, VA, during his flight to Singapore recently, pulled the magazine from the seat pocket and flipped few pages and was pleasantly surprised to see this photo.

Periyava is everywhere and He is always blessing all of us. All we need is His sada-smaranam!

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  1. Dear Mahesh My name is VKVasudevan living in Singapore. I have seen Periyava pictures in Singapore in many places. Recently a few months back a provision shop was opened in Little India. I hv attahed the photo for your information. Periyava Saranam. Regards Vasu

  2. Why should the photo upset the “us”?
    He is parabrahmam and the picture depicts the principle( as said in earlier post) that HE was not against any religion. Or is the mugam sullippu from HE is touching one of the not “us”??
    Time to wake up to principles

    • Sarada – I said the same comments when Vijay TV screened Mahaperiyava episodes with complete absurdity where a Brahmin child sits on the lap of Periyava etc. Periyava does not touch anyone – period. That is how all sankaracharyas are. End of story…it’s time you read bit more about our Acharya sampradhayams…

    • Ms Sarada

      Please let ‘us’ know the principles that you are talking about! There is no any முகம் சுழிப்பு from ‘us’ as you mentioned. Are you trying to instigate for something? Or expecting so from other source?

      It is clear from your comments that you are immature as far as devotional matters are concerned and you have no idea whatsoever on ‘Sanyasa Dharma’. I strongly recommend you to consult some elders who are matured enough in religious matters, before throwing such comments.

  3. Mahesh garu I’m very sure that this photo (hugging) is fake and photoshopped. If any one of us get such photos, pl don’t share any more. The best thing we can do and may advice the sender the fact.

  4. Is this photo even real? I have not come across any photo of Periyava hugging or embracing anyone – even anyone who is a stickler for Achara anushtananams. May be you might have seen this. We can treat this is just as an attempt to record periyavaa’s appreciation for everyone following their own religious practices…Nothing more…

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