A Challenging Cow Rescue Orchestrated by Sri Periyava

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – The incident below happened to Adiyen which I shared with Shri Mahesh when it was happening live. He asked me to share it in the blog so readers can experience Periayva’s leela as well. Please note, this is all about our Periyava’s anugraham and divine play in making things happen….Rama Rama

Rescuing a native breed Gho matha from the jaws of death

Few days back, by Sri Periyavas grace managed to rescue a cow just in time. The butcher had negotiated a rate and the cow was ready to be taken to abbatoir. The cow was pregnant and was run over on her backside by a lorry. Her back ribs were broken/dislocated. She could not walk, felt very insecure and hid herself in thorny bushes to protect herself when the owner found her there. He decided not to spend any money on treatment and decided to sell her off for slaughter. One of my cow contacts in the area tipped me about this. Met with the guy, had a tough negotiation for three days who is a heavy drunkard and kept going back on his words. Finally, with HIS grace forced the issue and bought the cow from him.

The place where the cow hid herself gets very dark in the night with zero lights so had to get her out of the bushes that evening itself. I also saw snakes in that area so it was not safe for the cow to spend one more night there. She also did not have food or water for the last three days and confined herself in isolation due to fear. The cow could not stand up, after a lot of struggle lifted the cow from thorny bushes and transported her to the Sri Gokula Krishna Gosala in Uttukottai near Thiruvallur. By the time we boarded her on the truck it was around 7.30 pm. Since it takes little over two hours from my place to the Gosala, the driver/helpers were hungry and wanted to have dinner. So we stopped at a roadside restaurant where I used to take the drivers during the previous rescues as well. However this time, given the condition of the cow, I was a bit jittery and wanted to reach the Gosala asap. While they were eating, I was anxiously waiting near the billing counter and suddenly Maha Periyava’s picture flashed in front of me in the wall of the billing counter. Given that I have been to this restaurant many a times, this is the first time I’m seeing his picture that too in the middle wall of the billing counter (above is that picture). Given the restaurant and its ambience, I was really amazed in seeing this and it gave me goosebumps; felt very confident and my nervousness vanished thereafter. Reached the Gosala safely where the cow is presently residing, undergoing treatment and is recovering.

On a sidenote, the very next day early morning the butchers came with the truck to pickup the cow from the bushes (where the cow hid herself previously) as they were misinformed on the sale by the drunkard owner. They searched for the cow and left the place in disappointment. This was seen and told by my trusted contact who supplies milk in the area.

The above incident shows one thing. If you take one step in following Periyava’s teachings HE takes 100 steps towards you and ensures the mission is fulfilled.

Finally, as Mahesh mentioned in the official fundraiser post couple of months back our target was to save at least two cows per month. Unfortunately, we do NOT have funds to even save one cow for the entire year. There are 8000+ followers in this blog. Request all to contribute a little mite so we can save a few divine lives, a cause that our Periyavas cares so much for. As always, we will provide all the visibility and transparency of all the rescues that are happening. All we can do is ask and the rest is up-to you. Account details are in the post HERE.

Please mention ‘Cow Rescue’ in the notes so we can use it for this noble cause. 

Sri Periyava Thiruvadi Sharanam. Rama Rama

Gho Matha in Gosala receiving treatment and recovering

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  1. Sir, As per the appeal, I sent RS.5000 donation for cow upkeep to Prathyaksha charitable trust and sent details by email on 20th February. Till date, they have not acknowledged the remittance sent through IMPS.

    R. Venkatesh

  2. I had remitted 10 days back. My emails to the correct email id given have not got any response. Can I have the mobile number ? Just want to be sure that the money has been received.

  3. Very touching to heart!. You deserve a special blessings from Maha Periva Sai Garu.

  4. Remitted now. Pl let me have email id so that I can send the details. Thanks.

  5. I am sure, people who rescue cows and give them food, shelter and tender care will be blessed with the divine grace of Maha Periyava of Kanchi Mutt. We have to nurture all the cows in Bharat, irrespective of its age or being sick for it is a bounden duty of every Hindu to protect this divine animal. If bovines are protected and groomed in perfect care, God will bless our country and our people.

  6. Really amazing Sai anna.. you are such a wonderful person who tries to follow MahaPeriyava’s words in every possible way.. best wishes to you and your team🙏🌸

  7. Amazing.

    Periyava Saranam.

    It’s periyava wish that, every cow in our country needs to be protected. Let’s contribute our part atleast a little.

    Jaya jaya sankara, Hara Hara Sankara.

  8. To comment on the Cow Rescue, the post itself was like an adventure to read. So well written, but these kind of adventures are the ones we want to avoid in life i.e. Gho Matha being in this condition. Best is to avoid leather products so that we contribute less to these kind of activities.

  9. Yes, please provide bank details. A very gripping account… Though I read the blog everyday, I havent commented very often. Today after reading, I was having yogurt rice and couldnt finish it feeling very guilty about having yogurt in a place where gho hathi is happening day in and day out. Thanks for sharing and keep reminding us of our most important duties.

  10. Sai –

    Hats off to you to do this. I know this is not the first rescue that you did – this is probably nth rescue. Pl share small write-ups once in a while for all of us to know what’s going on….

    I will pray Mahaperiyava to give you more energy and motivation to continue doing this


  11. What a fantastic rescue of the Gomatha! This is an inspiration for everyone to wake up and actively contribute towards Gosamrakshanam. May Mahaperiyava abundantly bless everyone involved in this rescue operation. Ishwara.

  12. Mahaperiyava ‘sittham blessings and Gomatha’so blessings to you and your team.Great job

  13. Kindly provide link to bank account details for contribution

    • Actually I just reread the who post and Sai anna has provided a link to the Main post with account details . In haste while reading on mobile I missed it.

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