Article on West Mambalam Sri Matam Gosala

Many Jaya Jaya Sankara to Smt. Sunitha Madhavan for sharing this article along with the translation published in Sakthi Vikatan April issue of 2015. Rama Rama

West Mambalam Goshala

This Goshala in West Mambalam, Chennai was established with 4 cows gifted by Mahaperiva. It’s functioning became an inspiration to start 40 more Goshalas!

When Sakthi Vikatan was promoting the cause of cow protection through a series of articles captioned ‘Kulam Kakkum Gomatha’, it elicited tremendous response from readers. Phone calls, letters and suggestions poured in. In one such letters, a subscriber expressed surprise and disappointment to the editor.

“You have written about the significance of cow and the goshalas functioning in many places. But why have you left out Mambalam Goshala?”

Sakthi Vikatan Group hastened it’s visit to the Goshala. On seeing it, regretted for the serious omission; the reason being, that this Goshala was the outcome of ‘Anugraham’-blessing from the walking God, Kanchi Paramacharya Swamigal. It is administered under the Sri Chandrashekara Saraswathi Trust for Cow Protection. When the Group inquired Vinayakram Murali,  about  it’s origin , he said:

“In the year 1962 when Mahaperiva visited Chennai, He came and stayed in this very place, did Japam and left. At that time the area seemed to be  like a forest. Many came forward to arrange a better place for Him to stay. Even then Periva desired to remain only here. The purpose of it came to be known several  years later.  In those times cows were maintained by all households. Even after the milch cows went dry, they were cared for. But with the passage of time, this custom disappeared. Since nobody wanted to keep aged cows, their condition deteriorated to one of utter neglect”.

“Mahaswamigal , who foresaw this deteriorating situation through His Divine insight told devotees that this place must be bought and a Goshala set up. At that time, Justice Krishnaswami Reddy, Gandhian  and Governor of Tamil Nadu Prabhudas Patwari , and devotees of Mahaperiva took efforts which fructified in the year 1978. It was MATTU  PONGAL Day. With 4 cows given by Periva, the functioning of the Goshala commenced. It  is now  a standing testimony to the truth that ,where Periva plants His feet , that place is sanctified and becomes holy”.

From that time onwards, in these 38 years, this Goshala has been functioning meritoriously. Approximately 100 cows are protected, out of which more than 80 are indigenous breeds. Old, deserted, wounded cows  are  also looked after very well. Due to lack of space here, Suraiyur near Kalavai, Iyengar Kulam near  Kanchi and Mampakkam are 3 other places, each taking care of a100 cows. Good shelter facilities, nutritious feed, medical assistance are all available in them.
Attracted by their functioning, 40 more goshalas have come up and they all got started with the cows gifted from Mambalam Goshala. Cows procured from here are maintained by many temples as well. Every Friday Gopuja is celebrated.





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  3. Maha Periyava ThiruvadigaLe CharaNam!

  4. It’s a holy place just like adishtanams of our Periyava!! Sar has pointed out in YPM that even dust from a cow’s foot has the power to resolve many health issues. Following SAR’s advice I visited this ghosala in w mambalam almost everyday and gradually my health problems were cured. Such is the power of this Ghosala. I urge everyone who visits mambalam to offer worships in this Ghosala and attain punniyam.

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