Details on Dr Sadhana Rao’s Ghosala’s Crisis

As promised, here are the details that have been gathered so far. Thanks to Shri Anand Ramaswamy for doing this on behalf of all of us….Here are the details. Little longer post – pl read it fully.

Lord Krishna with Gho Matha

Smt. Dr. Sadhana Rao, a 72 year old elderly woman has been doing Gho Samrakshanam for the past 42 years. She is a qualified surgeon who left her practice in UK to serve Gho Mathas. She setup a Gosala in Neelangarai many years back. The Gosala has a total of 583 cows (528 normal cows + 55 disabled cows) There were few Hindus and Jains groups supporting the Gosala financially as well as providing the food to Gho Mathas every day. Unfortunately Neelangarai, the place of Gosala has urbanized a lot recently. The local residents complained to Chennai Corporation about the Gosala being a hindrance to their posh lives. Chennai Corporation ordered and moved the Gosala to Oothukottai, Thiruvallur District. This move has resulted in significant disruption both in terms of financial contribution as well as food supply for the Gho Mathas as people lost contact with the Gosala because of the sheer distance. On top of that, some of the current supporters have withdrawn their support etc.

For the past 4-5 months the situation has been spiraling down but has now hit a nadir with the Gosala having a debt of 11 lakhs to their cattle food suppliers. This amount needs to be paid to the suppliers who has been supplying food to Gho Mathas for the past few months. So to qualify and quantify, the immediate need is to mobilize 11 lakhs and help the Gosala get out of this crisis mode they are in right now.

By clearing this debt, the ghosala is only stopping the bleeding situation and not permanently solving the problem. Even after this debt is cleared, the situation will not get any better UNLESS one of these two things happen (1) more volunteers come forward to adopt these cows by supporting on a monthly fashion and/or (2) move those cows to a different shelter where someone can take care of them – even then funds are needed to do so. In any case, any of the shelters would need support to maintain the cows.

As you may know, the current on-going fundraiser through Kanchi Guruparampara Foundation (KGF) has received donations towards three major causes (1) Veda rakshana (2) gho rakshana (2) temple renovations. Donors have given contributions either by marking for a specific cause or without marking at all. Either way, the amount we have collected towards gho rakshana & in general is not a lot. Despite, KGF will do its contribution for this cause within our limits.

Having said that, first and foremost, I strongly suggest that you send your contributions to Dr Sadhana Rao directly at::

Indian Institute of animal welfare: Andhra Bank, Neelangarai branch, SB account, Number 132710100033564 IFSC code: ANDB0001327. Contributions are tax exempt under

Contact Person – Smt. Dr. Sadhana Rao – 9840456623.

If you do not have things setup to send money directly to India, only in that situation, please send contribution to KGF and email with your details for tracking. If you have already contributed to KGF towards gho-rakshana in 2016, then you do NOT have to contribute again unless you want to contribute more. Details on how to contribute still want to contribute can be found in

Very important notes:

Our job is not to just send some amount and stop thinking about this. The fundamental reasons for this problem are these. We need to understand these and think forward to avoid such issues in the future also….

(1) Urbanization of outskirts of Chennai and people’s compromise for ghosala over their comforts etc and that drove this ghosala from its current place to much farther place. Let us think before driving such ghosalas out. We understand that every city expands but we should learn to live with such sacred ghosalas, which are going to only help our community and not disturb. They are an embodiment of all devatas.

(2) Understanding the needs for adopting cows. Even if it is one cow per year, if 500 people contributes for one cow each, such ghosalas can run smoothly. This is applicable for any ghosala, whom you think they are genuine and not suspicious.

(3) Since I know that this ghosala is run by a noble lady, I am posting here in the blog. Beyond that, I do not have any connection with them. So, for any further queries, questions, follow-ups, status etc, please contact Dr Sadhana Rao directly at the number provided above. I will not have any information on their progress.

Hope this helps

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!


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  1. I have been wanting to make a good money contribution, upon sale of my apartment in annanagar. This has been dragging, but now have identified a buyer. My sale process is expecting to complete by mid april. Meantime i am planning to visit the goshala in a week’s time, to assess how my help could be fruitfully directed. I pray to Lord Krishna and seek help to mobilise finance asap. My sincere admirations to Madam Sadhana rao n pray for her good health.

  2. Request details of tax exemption please. Thank you.


    A little while ago, I spoke to Shri Surya Narayanan, (9176611689). He told me that even with some heart problem, Dr. Sadhana Rao is travelling in a cattle van from Neelangarai to Tiruvallur daily up and down about 100 Kms. Therefore she is not able to attend to the spate of the calls. The fund flow now will be able to tide over the crisis to some extent. But he opined monthly contribution will be helpful. SRI MAHAPERIYAVA devotees are requested to contribute their mite every month to upkeep the Ghoshala in future days.


  4. I tried to call the mobile number before contributing. No one picks up the mobile nor return the call any landline number?

    • Is she OK this is happening for past 4 days got her landline no too but even that no one is picking up.I think someone has to visit her to check as I am not available to check

      • maha periyava saranam.Dear shri. Ranjit, Dr.Sadhana rao mobile phone is ringing 24 hours continuously. She is 72 years old. so if you wish pl talk to Mr. Surya narayanan who is directly involved in this field work and his contact no is 00919176611689. or Dr. sadhana rao’s manager phone no 00919840456623, 00919159012153. Hope this helps. thanks

  5. I am renga I have agricultural land in Tirunelveli Dist.I am taking care of 15 cows as of now but without a person to look after them with care. I will be happy to take care and offer space, water, grazing field and shelter for around 20 cows if arrangements can be made for a laborer who will be able to reside at the farm and look after them. I can be contacted at

  6. I think the best option is to create goshalas within temples, small and big. At least this will not be disturbed and the cows will be peaceful.

    • Yes sir,this is a possible solution, but does not work in practice. There are some temples which have go shalas, but their working is not satisfactory. There are problems like cows being stolen, shortage of feed, lack of persons to take care, etc. After all, they are also run by the govt dept! There is no personal care and involvement.

      This is a serious problem but we are looking at it from a limited perspective. The cow is a valuable economic resource, not merely a religious symbol. Like any resource, it requires proper care and maintenance. Unlike other resources, cows are alive and conscious- they require gentle, humane care. It is difficult to ensure that beyond certain numbers. Big go shalas, centrally located,become uneconomical and pose administrative problems..

      Dr. V.Kurian gave us a good model in respect of the buffalo. in developing Amul, he did not develop a centralised establishment. He allowed the villagers to keep their buffaloes but gathered and marketed their products, while also making arrangements for veterinary care. He was not burdened with administering a buffalo maintenance centre: individuals took care of the animals, but he relieved them of the problem of marketing the product! Dr.Kurien did not seek or solicit govt support at any time. in fact the bureaucracy was against him. But then, he worked in Gujarat, where people are enterprising .

      We value the products of the cow- milk, curd, ghee, cow dung etc but only on paper! Where is pure cow’s milk available now? All coffee drinkers want buffalo milk because it is thicker!

      So the best way to save and serve the cow is to create a demand for its products and leave their maintenance and upkeep to individuals ie, decentralise.. But this has to be done as a byproduct- maintenance of the cow as a stand-alone arrangement will be uneconomical. It can only be done as charity, which will be felt as a burden, sooner or later.

      After all, our society has changed complexion so much, ordinary dharmas like cow protection have become difficult of performance. Those who maintain go shalas now are real heroes who struggle against so many odds. It is our immediate duty to support them. But as a community, Hindus have to find a long term , workable solution.

      When we stress the dharma aspect, the general atheistic Tamil society of today takes it as a Brahminical fad. We have to stress the general economic aspects: how cow’s milk is better than buffalo milk, how Indian cows are better than foreign ones like the Jersey, how cow’s dung and urine are better manure than the chemicals etc But this too is an up hill task- Mahatma Gandhi wrote about all this- but who cares? In our villages, tractors have replaced ploughing by bullocks; water is pumped from bore wells (open wells are dry) with power. The over all economy based on the cow is now shattered. Short of its revival, the cow problem cannot be solved.

  7. This is a problem created by the Chennai Corporation. But thoughtless Indians are the instigators. When the govt and its wings are run by atheists and anti-Hindus, what else can we expect?Now, they are backed by money power from the real estate lobby. The Madras Corporation is known for provoking and troubling Hindu religious organisations. In the 50s, they started constructing a public toilet block right in front of the main entrance of the Sri Ramakrishna Math in Chennai ! Appeals to Mayor and others did not help. Finally some kind soul took it up with the State Governor whose intervention saved the situation. Today such things cannot be expected in Tamil Nadu. No place in the state is safe for the Cow, not only because of the spreading urbanisation, but due to govt apathy and indifference..
    We simply have to do our service to Go Matha and depend on Divine Grace/ Intervention with the faith:
    “God moves in a mysterious way His wonders to perform”.

  8. I am planning to visit the gowshala next week. Can somebody tell me the address?

    • maha periyava saranam. Pl contact shri.Surya narayanan who is a coordinator of this divine sath karyam on +91 91766 11689. He is the one involved directly and doing field work for this Gho shala. thanks

  9. Sir,

    I understand that this ghoshala is in Tiruvallur District. There is a Ghoshala attached to Tiruvallur (Veeraraghava Perumal) temple. Why don’t you approach them to see if they can help in some way.

    Further to this, I would sincerely suggest that all the ghoshalas in the India connect together in a kind of network or fraternity to help each other out. In moving of excess cattle from one to another, cross funding, technology sharing regarding the processing of ghoshala waste (cow dung industry etc) etc.

  10. I just spoke to her, they have got a place, freely donated by someone, 19kms from Thiruvallur enroute to Poondi reservoir. They are getting Hay from Kumbakonam, seems they got a temporary solution. As stated above, lets strive for permanent solution.

    Pranam.. jaya jaya shankara, hara hara shankara

    • Sir, The mobile number given here is switched off for the past 2 days. Do you have any other number? I fwded the msg to some of my contacts and few called me back saying the mobile number is switched off. They want to talk to her before donating. Is thsi not important to keep the mobile switched on during crisis time?


      • maha periyava saranam. Pl contact shri.Surya narayanan who is a coordinator of this divine sath karyam on +91 91766 11689. He is the one involved directly and doing field work for this Gho shala. thanks

  11. The Goshal has been in existence for so many years, when there was no housing nearby. Now, it is only posh house dwellers have encroached near the cow shed. It is not the other way around. Chennai Corporation Order is not correct. It can be disputed in a court of law. Even if the cow shed is shifted to a new area, after some years the same problem of new colonies coming up nearby cannot be avoided. Then, they may also ask the goshal to be shifted to another place. Therefore, “intolerance” towards this holy cow has to be avoided.

    I have forwarded the contents of this matter to all my contacts asking for contribution by furnishing Dr.Sadhana Rao’s bank details. I also would transfer my mite to the same bank account.



  12. I spoke to Dr. Sadhanaji a while ago. As said by Mahesh ji, she started the Ghoshala long time back and the place was like a forest then. I am writing here what she said. Quote Maha Periava visted the Ghoshala and and blessed her saying that water will come when thirsty Un quote. At that tiome she could not understand the meaning. Later when she was in trouble, one person knocekd at her door and helped her. She said the place where the area where Ghoshala was originally situated is now housing posh appartments invested by indians residing abroad. Most of it are rented out and the tenants have complained to the authorities. It seems the home owners while doing gruha pravesham wnated the cows for being the part of the ritual. it is an irony, that same people wanted them to be evicted.
    How ever our aim is to help as much as possible. We in Wellington (New Zealand) have a hundiyal plan where we put in coins daily and any loose change as well. This is the time to consolidate the collections from all the hundiyals and send the money to Dr. Sadhana. If any one from New Zealand happens to read this, whom I may not have met or known and is willing to offer donations then please do not hesitate to contact me. I can be reached on +64 2102777899, if calling locally then call on 02102 777 899.

    Periava Sharanam.


  13. Thanks Sai and Mahesh. Will contribute and cut the cheque today for Dr Sadhana .

  14. To the administrator, can I recommend a campaign through crowdsourcing in Milaap site? This is a wonderful site to run a campaign and one can track contributions. It has really wide reach. Check this and if interested a campaign can be launched for wide support.

  15. Thanks for informing. Have communicated to few family members and friends. Dravyam sent to Dr. Rao’s account. In Bhagavan. Regards Ramanathan.T, Bangalore

  16. ChandraRavi Kumar Ji, I am in 100% reflection of your thought of putting one mother cow, one father cow and a calf per street. This works wonders and we are trying for the same near our place. Let us propagate this as much as possible.

    Anand Ramaswamy Ji, Sai Srinivasan Ji,
    Thank you for the info. As a long term solution for this Gosala, best would be to see if they can make money out of GuMutra-Ark and GoMayaAgarbatti if we donate couple of GoMutra-Ark making units and Agarbatti making tools. As you suggested, we will contact Sri Saadhana Rao ji directly on this.

    Jaya Jaya Samkara! Hara Hara Samkara!
    Jai SriMaatha.

    • All other goshalas take the desi cows from her to make an extra income. What she has left is the socalled jersey cows, buffaloes and a few desi cows. go arka can be made only from pure nattu pasu and not from other breeds . She cannot take any additional indusrial responsibilities as she says her primary responsibility is to take care of her cows and ” even God cannot come between me and my cows” as she says.

  17. Not just urbanization, but other factors too, like shortage of fodder/feed; no space and suitable weather to produce these; gomaala lands being encroached on; a cancerous spread of agricultural land being converted to housing colonies and ‘plots’; the changing pattern and modernization of farming techniques that is rendering draught animals such as bullocks, and cow dung, gomiyam etc. unnecessary; inability of farmers/villagers to take care of unproductive (milk yield) animals; and many more. The worst is the good prices being paid in international markets for the beef of Indian cattle and the policy of “Pink Revolution” launched by the previous Govt. of India. And of course our modern education system and “science” that fails to teach our people the Ayurveda of the Gau.

    A permanent option would be to begin a movement where every residential street can adopt one cow and calf. A small shed in one house, or even a small fenced off portion in the corner of the street can be the shelter. The dung can be used as manure and veratti for homams etc. by all the residents. The gomiyam as medicine. The feed can be vegetable peel, grass, etc. supplied by the houses in turn. “GoGrasam” as the Paramacharyal tells us. The children of the street can learn to take care of them, as special pets of the whole street. And much more.

    This way of GoRakshana will take away the burden on time, resources and money that otherwise taking care of cattle can become. The whole street will benefit in health, mind and spirit. Lakhs of cattle can be cared for in this way.

    This is possible but will take time. Another more immediate way is for senior citizens homes, schools, hospices, gated housing colonies etc. to have a small goshaala attached. The people here, whether elderly or children, healthy or ailing, will find so much of solace taking care of the animals. With some organisation the dung (of which supply is assured every day though the cow may not yield milk) can be sold as manure, viratti etc. for which there is so much demand and so limited a supply.

    Work that is shared without oppressive responsibility will be enjoyable.


  1. Latest Update – Smt.Dr.Sadhana Rao’s Gosala (IIAW) – Sage of Kanchi

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