Thayumana Mahan – Part 4 is now available in US

Thayumana Mahan Part 4

50 books were recently received from Smt Revathi mami. I have already mailed 2 and I am going to keep 1 for myself 🙂 So, I have 47 books to be distributed. Please email me at ( to reserve your copy. Cost would be $10. $5 for shipping and $5 for the book.  All proceedings would go towards Tiruvanaikka Kumbabishekam.

Also, I already posted few months back about Periyava books available here in US. Click here to read. Out of the three, I still have 20 books left on each except the book on Periyava poems. The proceedings from them would go to Sri Pradosham Mama’s gruham activities.

If you need other two books also, please specify clearly in your email. For 3 books, pl pay $25. Check on how to make payments.

As always, please do NOT pay until you receive the books.



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