Attention:: Mumbai Anusham Satsang folks


Maha Periyava-10

In the past few days, I have received few enquiries about anusham satsangs in Mumbai. Currently, I have one email id of Sri Sriram while I do believe that there are lots of satsangs going on.

Mumbai folks – why don’t you please share the details (name, email id/phone, address etc) – in this link (Add Periyava Satsang Info here) – if you are one of anusham satsang hosts? It would help others to join you.

Periyava Sharanam


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  1. Sri Kanchi Kainkarya Sabha
    Goregaon (West(, Mumbai -400104
    Contact# Krishnan.S, Jt Secy Cell#: 9869282135

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