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Dear all,

As part of this virtual temple, a great idea has come to me from my friend Sri Hari Ramasubbu to build a database of all Periyava Satsang Center information.

So, what is a Satsang Center? 

If you are doing Anusha puja monthly and you have others attend or do not mind others coming and attending the puja at your place, then you are a satsang center.

If you are conducting Dheivathin Kural reading/discussion club in your place (either in-person or over phone), you are a satsang center.

– simple, isn’t it?

Why do we want to build this database?

There is an old saying “Do not migrate to a place where there is no temple”. We need to slightly modify and say “Also do not migrate to a place where there is no Periyava Satsang”!!! This satsang builds a good community; builds good thoughts; brings peace to environment we live.

What do we need from you all?

Please fill out this form so that this database is available for anyone to participate in such great events nearby to receive the blessings of Periyava.

Thanks Hari for this brilliant idea.

To view the data – pl click the link on the right under “Important Links”

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  1. namaskaram
    i am looking for satsangs for anusham in dubai area- any contacts pls

  2. Please let us know of any Satsang on MahaPeriyava in the Greater Seattle Area (Washington).? We would like to take our kids to such satsang at least once a month.


    Hara Hara Sankara
    Jaya Jaya Sankara

  3. It is wonderful to see so many devotees of Periyava all over the all will be amazed to see sri venkata subramaniam ,now fondly called vakil anna creating an exclusive village near Mayavaram housing huge Periyava temple with pond,free houses for 108 agni hotries,vedapatasala, Goshala,very huge cutout in M.S.Sheet standing at 150 feet weighing 30 tons for Maha Periyava, all inspired by DEIVATHIN KURAL.Please visit sankarapuram in utube .u can also contact me over mobile 9003920595 having whatsapp.and over mail in coimbatore.Periyava charanam

  4. Namaskaram

    We live in Mason Ohio
    Are there any Anusham Satsangam happening there please provide the info


  5. Hi ,
    I live in Boston USA . Wants to know If we have any periyava satsang or a group performing anusham

  6. I just moved to London Harrow and am doing Anusham poojai. I would be happy if any one of you may be interested in participating .

    PL do drop mail to and would share my details

  7. Is there any mahaperiyava satsang center or satsang going on in Irvine, California, USA? Please let us know information.

  8. I just moved to London and staying in London harrow. Any satsang and anusham poojai happning around harrow or nearly.


    • Namaste Rajesh Ji, If you scroll down this forum you will find this post:
      Ramanathan Ravi
      March 24, 2018 • 1:26 pm
      Hi, We live in Pinner, Harrow, London UK. We are Sri Maha Periyavaa devotees. Anyone interested can contact to form a group of Sri Maha Periyavaa Satsang. Contact Ravi

  9. Hi
    Is there any centers or Whatsapp group in Seattle. Kindly let us know.

    • You can checkout vedatemple website and visit the temple .. there will be lot of activities going on round the year .. you will get to know lot of Periyava devotees. Thanks Periyava Saranam

  10. Namaskarams, We live in Christie Downs in South Australia. We are Sri Maha Periyavaa devotees. Anyone interested can contact to form a group of Sri Maha Periyavaa Satsang. We regularly perform Anusha Puja in our home. Contact: Ravi and Rajlakshmi at

  11. I am not able to access the database. Can you please provide the link… Thanks.

  12. Namaskaram,

    We would like to host satsangam in Singapore for Mahaperiyava starting with Vishnu Sahasranamam chanting. Kindly advise how we can proceed.

    My contact number is +65 82235295

  13. Hi, We live in Pinner, Harrow, London UK. We are Sri Maha Periyavaa devotees. Anyone interested can contact to form a group of Sri Maha Periyavaa Satsang. Contact Ravi

  14. Sir,Will you please provide any Periyava Satsang at Cupertino, USA.

  15. Can you pls provide the Dubai satsang address and contact number?

    Haraharasankara Jaya Jaya sankara

  16. With the blessings of Mahaswamigal joint prayer (Kootuprathanai ) is being held at our Siva Vishnu Aalayam Natesa Nagar Virugambakkam on every Anusham day evening 6.30 P.m. to 8 P.m. chanting Vinayakini Agaval, Sivapuranam,Skanthashasti kavacham, mahalakshmi sthuthi, Upanishad parayanam etc., Finally we chant 54 times. Sivaya Namaha, Narayanaya Namaha, Sri Guruve Namaha . One minute silent prayer duly thanking our parents, family God for the opportunity given for participating in this prayer.
    All participants jointly chant Periyava Ashtothram and
    Pushpanjali seva to Periyava idol in the temple. To avoid chit chatting after prayer chanting of Sivavakkiyar padal On namasivaya Om namasivaya will be prayed till the last person leaves the prayer hall

  17. Jaya Jaya Sankara! Please intimate me @ 7358038218 on Sathsangh in Chennai

  18. Kindly need the activities in Chennai ?


  19. I kindly request you to let me know how to post a handmade painting of Mahaperiyava here

  20. Our Monthly Anusham satsang in Singapore is available via ustream:
    Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara

  21. Kindly also let me know the details of Sathsangh in Qatar.

    Gurukrupa V Kalyanaraman
    00974 66236372

  22. Kindly provide details of Sathsangh in Dubai.

    Gurukrupa V Kalyanaraman
    00971 55 154 9472

  23. pattika punniyam seithullen.your contacts and friendship highly useful for me

  24. Periyava saranam

  25. Hi Mahesh anna
    Are there any centres in Seattle that you know of ?


  26. excellent service to mahaperiyava devotees


  28. om shree anusha jyothiye potri avarthamm thiruppaadhangale potri potri

  29. A wonderful thing.It helps to strengthen one’s faith. Thanks for all those involved in this

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